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What does the 24 solar terms mean? How many days in total

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is the 24th solar term of the 24 solar terms in China. At this time, the weather is relatively cold and people wear heavy clothes. What does the 24 solar term cold day mean? How many days is the cold? Let's get to know the old calendar together!

大寒 (1)

what does the 24 solar terms great cold day mean cold? It means cold. The cold weather is extremely cold. After the great cold solar terms, it means that the coldest period of the year officially comes. The severe cold solar term is located between March 9 and April 9 in several nine cold days. Most parts of the country are: strong wind, low temperature, no snow on the ground, showing a severe cold scene of ice, snow and cold. How many days does the


cold spell last: 15 days. The traditional 24 solar terms take five days as a waiting period, and 15 days as a solar term. The cold spell is one of the 24 traditional solar terms, and the time is also 15 days. The cold spell is cold, and there are often snowy weather. Low temperature can freeze to death pests. There is a folk saying "auspicious snow indicates a good year".


warm greetings of the cold solar term 1. The cold season comes again. Warm tips are indispensable. Go to bed early and get up early. It is good to prevent cold and wind. Scald your feet every night before going to bed, replenish liver and Qi, and keep the disease away. Keep a good mood. The yellow and green vegetables are wonderful. The little formula is chanted in your heart to keep you strong and healthy this winter. I wish you health and peace in the cold! 2. Wear more cotton padded clothes and autumn trousers to avoid cold. Eat more, mutton and beef, disease will not invade. Turn more, warm SMS, trouble is not invaded. The cold solar term is coming. I wish you happiness and peace. 3. Romance is like snow, which brightens your smile; Worry like the wind, flying my thoughts; Blessing, like a song, conveys my 'wish; In the cold season, may you always be happy and happy every day. 4. When the cold comes, you should keep healthy, go to bed early and get up late, maintain Yang Qi, sit upright and rest, calm your mind, take a walk in the sun, stretch your muscles and bones, care, and be happy and healthy!

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