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What time is the heavy snow in 2020? At 04:39:38 on December 7, 2020

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includes the term of heavy snow in China's winter solar terms, and the time of heavy snow solar terms is different every year. What is the month, day and time of heavy snow in 2020? What are the three scenes of heavy snow? Let's analyze it together with the old yellow calendar!

2020年大雪是几月几日几点 2020年12月7日04点39分38

what is the date and time of heavy snow in 2020: at 04:39:38 on December 7, 2020, Sunday "heavy snow" is the 21st solar term in the twenty-four solar terms of the lunar calendar and the third solar term in winter. "The collection of the 72 seasons of the lunar calendar" says: "heavy snow, November Festival (here refers to the lunar calendar), and there is a lot of snow." at this time, the weather is colder and the possibility of snow is greater than light snow, so it is called heavy snow.

what are the three scenes of heavy snow? The flying snow suddenly comes like a spring breeze all night, and thousands of trees and pear flowers bloom. Heavy snow solar term, strong cold air can often form a large range of snow. People can also enjoy the charming picture of "snowflakes flying and silver all over the sky".


river closure scenery. During the heavy snow season, there is a natural landscape of "thousands of miles of ice and thousands of miles of snow" in the north. As the temperature is getting lower and lower, many rivers are gradually frozen. People can enjoy the scenery of river closure on the shore and enjoy skating.

2020年大雪是几月几日几点 2020年12月7日04点39分38

Yushu Qionghua according to statistics, generally from November to February of the next year, rime will appear successively in the northwest, northeast and most of the Yangtze River Basin, and it is more common in mountainous areas with high humidity. Rime is the milky white ice crystal deposit on the object caused by the direct condensation of water vapor in the gas at low temperature or the direct freezing of supercooled fog droplets. Rime is light and white, attached to tree objects, like Qiong tree and silver flower, beautiful and elegant. This is tree hanging.

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