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What is the general temperature of the snowy solar term

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The season of

is different in China, and the snow solar term is also the solar term in winter, but there are also some things to pay attention to in the solar term. What are the taboos in the snow solar term? What's the general temperature of snow solar term? Let's get to know the old calendar together!

大雪节气当中的禁忌事项 节气一般气温多少

taboos in heavy snow solar terms 1. Avoid wearing too much clothes. If you wear too much and too thick clothes, the blood vessels of the skin will expand and the blood flowing to the skin will increase, thus increasing the heat dissipation effect. Instead, it reduces the adaptability of the body to the changes of external ambient temperature and is easy to get sick.

2. Avoid licking lips. Some people often like to lick dry and cracked lips with their tongue in order to moisturize their lips. As a result, the more they lick, the more dry and cracked they lick. This is because saliva is used to moisten the mouth and digest food. It contains amylase and other substances. Licking it on the lips is like smearing a layer of paste on the lips. When the wind blows, the water evaporates, and amylase sticks to the lips, making it more dry, even causing dry crack and bleeding, causing infection and suppuration.

3. Avoid staying up late. Traditional Chinese medicine health preservation, with special emphasis on regular work and rest and regular daily life. Health care attaches great importance to the physical and mental recuperation. It is considered that "sleeping and eating are the important tasks of health care." good sleep can supplement energy and restore energy, and has the effect of "nourishing yin and nourishing yuan". In order to adapt to "winter storage", sleep time should be appropriately increased at this time. Advocate going to bed early and sleeping more appropriately, so as to achieve the purpose of energy conservation.

大雪节气当中的禁忌事项 节气一般气温多少

4. Avoid wearing masks often. In order to keep out the cold, many people wear masks in winter. In fact, this will reduce people's ability to keep out the cold. If they wear masks all day, the mucous membranes of the nasal cavity and the whole respiratory tract can't get exercise. If they get a little cold, they are easy to catch a cold. Some people like to use scarves as masks. Because most of the raw materials of scarves are wool and chemical fiber fabrics, if you wrap the scarves around your mouth, fibers and bacteria will be inhaled into your lungs during breathing, which is extremely harmful to human health.

5. Do not sleep with doors and windows closed. Sleeping with doors and windows closed will indeed increase the indoor temperature, but it also brings the problem of poor air circulation. In winter, windows should be opened several times a day for air circulation. What is the general temperature of


heavy snow? In the heavy snow season, except for the winter free areas in South China and southern Yunnan, most parts of China have entered winter. The average temperature in Northeast and Northwest China has reached below - 10 ℃, and the temperature in the yellow River Basin and North China has also stabilized below 0 ℃. At this time, there is gradually snow in the Yellow River Basin, and further north, It has snowed heavily.

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