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What fish are suitable for fishing before and after heavy snow

DailyBird Culture 2021-10-09 1 0

in China, heavy snow is not only a weather, but also a solar term. People also like to go fishing during the heavy snow solar term. What fish are suitable for fishing before and after the heavy snow? What should we pay attention to in the heavy snow solar term? Let's follow the old yellow calendar in this issue and analyze it together!

节气大雪前后适合钓什么鱼 节气的注意

what fish are suitable for fishing before and after the heavy snow: the temperature of crucian carp continues to drop after the heavy snow, but this is also the best time for fishing in winter. Thinking of fishing, the magnificent scene of "lone boat, coir hat and Weng, fishing alone for Cold River Snow" can't help showing in front of us. In short, the period from heavy snow to before freezing is the best time to catch crucian carp in winter.

what to pay attention to in heavy snow 1. Pay attention to the diet, heavy snow solar terms, dry indoor climate and less fresh vegetables, which will cause vitamin B deficiency and induce angular stomatitis. Therefore, we should drink more water and eat more fruits and vegetables in winter.

2. Pay attention to daily life and sports. Pay attention to maintaining emotional stability and peace, and have regular daily life and sports. Winter days are short and nights are long. Pay attention to lying early and getting up late. Don't stay up late. Don't get up early and practice in the morning. "You must stay in the sun.".

节气大雪前后适合钓什么鱼 节气的注意

3. Pay attention to the solar terms against cold and heavy snow. We should pay attention to the invasion of wind evil and cold evil, especially the head and feet. This is because the occurrence of some diseases has a lot to do with not paying attention to keeping warm.

4. Pay attention to emotional peace. Many diseases are caused by emotion. For example, because of emotional instability and irregular daily life, it is easy to cause glaucoma, a blinding eye disease, which often occurs in cold months in winter.

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