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What are the characteristics of the heavy snow solar term in December 2020 and what should be paid attention to

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One of the solar terms of

in December is called heavy snow, and people take it more as weather, but they don't know much about solar terms. What are the characteristics of heavy snow solar terms in December 2020? What do you need to pay attention to in snow regimen? Let's get to know the old calendar together!

2020年12月大雪节气的特点是哪些 养生需要注意什么

characteristics of heavy snow solar term in December 2020 1. After entering the heavy snow solar term, the minimum temperature in most parts of China has dropped to 0 ℃ or below. It often snows heavily in areas where cold and warm air meet in front of strong cold air. 2. The average temperature in most parts of the north in December is about - 5 ℃ ~ - 20 ℃. Frost sometimes occurs after the strong cold air in the south. 3. In the south, the climate is milder in winter, and there will be less rain and snow. The average temperature is about 2 to 4 degrees above zero. The rainfall accounts for about 5% of the whole year, and there is only occasional snow.

what should we pay attention to in snow health preservation? 1. Keep warm and protect Yang Qi. Winter belongs to Yin. Based on strengthening Yin essence, it is advisable to reduce body fluid. Therefore, it is necessary to "warm the cold" in winter to prevent cold invasion.

2. You should sleep early and get up early. In the snowy season, everything is hidden. Health preservation should also comply with the laws of nature and work hard on the word "Tibet". In daily life, you should go to bed early and get up early, and restrain your air, especially in the south. The temperature difference between morning and evening is very different. The elderly should live carefully and exercise properly to enhance their adaptability to climate change.

3. Appropriate nutrition. The so-called moderation is to be just right. Not too much, not less. If you are too cautious, you will lose your fitness and be at a loss. If you work a little, you are afraid of consuming gas and hurting your mind. If you have a slight difference between cold and heat, you will stay closed. If you eat for fear of being fat, sweet, thick and greasy, you will go on a diet and eat less. In such a state, you will be restrained because you raise too much, which will not only damage your health, but also be unable to "spend the whole day and year".

2020年12月大雪节气的特点是哪些 养生需要注意什么

4. For foot soaking massage, you must always keep your feet clean and dry, wash and change your socks frequently, wash your feet with warm water every day, and massage and stimulate the acupoints of your feet at the same time. Keep walking for more than half an hour every day and move your feet. In addition, it is also very important to choose a pair of comfortable, warm and light shoes with good moisture absorption.

5. Drink plenty of water. Although sweating and urination are reduced in winter, the cells of the brain and various organs of the body still need water to nourish, so as to ensure normal metabolism. In winter, the daily water replenishment shall not be less than 2000 ~ 3000 ml.

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