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What is the solar term of cold dew in 2020? What are the osmanthus flowers

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enters the cold dew season. The weather is getting drier and drier, and the temperature difference between morning and evening becomes larger. At this time, people's mood will fluctuate with climate change. Therefore, people will think of various ways to recuperate their body and remember to wear more clothes when they go out. So what is the flower letter of the cold dew solar term in 2020? Can you find out what is in the old yellow calendar? Let's study it with the old yellow calendar.

2020年寒露的节气花信是什么 有哪些 桂花花开

what are the solar terms of cold dew in 2020? 1. Chrysanthemum is the symbol of autumn. From September to November, that is, in late autumn, chrysanthemum is the most prosperous, and chrysanthemum also implies auspiciousness.

2. Osmanthus fragrans has excellent ornamental performance. It can be used not only for appreciation, but also for eating. It is an excellent garden tree species with both ornamental and practical functions. The Osmanthus fragrans are in full bloom and Chen Xiang is smelling. Such a scene can also be said to be very wonderful.

3. Hibiscus flowers hibiscus flowers generally bloom in the cold dew, that is, in late autumn. Often express appreciation and praise for women in our culture.

2020年寒露的节气花信是什么 有哪些 桂花花开

what are the greetings of cold dew? 1. The cold dew will come in the twinkling of an eye. The cool wind is blowing. Friends, I'm not around you. You must remember to add clothes, exercise frequently and take care of your body. 2. In this windy autumn season, I entrust my thoughts and blessings to the goose. I hope I can bring my advice to you. I hope you can feel happy in the cold dew as always! 3. Dear friends, health is very important. Please don't forget to take good care of yourself. The cold dew is coming and the weather is cold, but I give you my warm heart and hope to give you comfort. 4. The autumnal equinox solar term goes and the cold dew solar term comes. The cool has passed. The cold is coming soon. Clothes and quilts are added early. Care about you, me and him, and connect your heart. I wish you a smile. 5. When the cold dew comes, a cup of wine comes, and the tall building leans to think of old friends; According to the truth, thousands of feelings, thousands of feelings, hurried years and endless feelings 6. Sweet scented osmanthus falls leisurely, the sunset is inclined, and the cold dew carries the cold wind. I hope my blessing of cold dew can be brought to you.

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