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The agricultural proverb "White Dew early cold dew late autumn" means that wheat is planted at that time. What does the solar term mean

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cold dew season is cold and lower than the White Dew season. The temperature drops suddenly, the Yang Qi slowly dissipates and the Yin Qi rises. At this time, if you want to adapt to climate change as soon as possible, you should make all kinds of preparations in advance before the cold dew season. Then, what does the agricultural proverb "White Dew early cold dew late autumn sowing wheat just at that time" mean? What does the cold dew solar term mean?

农谚白露早寒露迟秋分种麦正当时的意思 节气说明了什么

agricultural proverb "White Dew early cold dew late autumn sowing wheat just at that time means that it is too early to plant wheat at the time of the" White Dew "solar term "At that time of the solar term, it was too late to sow wheat. It was just the right time to sow wheat at the time of the" autumnal equinox ". The" White Dew "," cold dew "and" autumnal equinox "in this agricultural proverb belong to the 24 solar terms of the year. Among them," White Dew "is gas-saving, and the festival is usually paid from the 7th to the 9th of September;" autumnal equinox " "The solar term is usually from September 22 to 24, and the" cold dew "solar term is usually from October 8 to 9. The" White Dew "and" cold dew "are two solar terms before and after the autumn equinox, so that's how the agricultural proverb comes from."


"" 农谚白露早寒露迟秋分种麦正当时的意思 节气说明了什么 ""


" What are the greetings of cold dew? 1. Cold dew, cold dew, show your style and full of confidence; let the smile show and the happiness stay for a long time; let the success show and the glory care; follow the "dew" of good luck, and success is correct; accompany the "dew" of blessing ", may you be happy. 2. When the cold dew arrives, happiness puts on a happy coat for you, beauty puts on a happy jacket for you, auspiciousness puts on a lucky hat for you, peace puts on healthy shoes for you, and friends send sincere wishes for you: May you be well and everything go well! 3. The wind of the cold dew is cool; the rain of the cold dew is cold; the frost of the cold dew is white; the greetings of the cold dew are warm; When the cold dew comes, the sky turns cold. Remember to add clothes. May you be healthy, happy and happy. Cold dew is happy! 4. The old trees are getting thin, and the wild geese fly south to look back. The dew white leaves fall again in autumn, the sky is high, the clouds are light and the blue water is long. The light wind slowly revolves around your heart, and you miss him. In the cold dew season, remember your friends, and add clothes to keep warm.

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