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What month, day and minute of frost in 2020? 6:59 on October 23

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frost fall is not that it will fall at this time, but the climate feature that the weather is gradually getting colder. At this time, it is still a very dry and hot climate, so you need to keep healthy and protect your body from the cold wind. So when is the frost term in the old yellow calendar in 2020? What's the time of the month?

2020年霜降几月几日几点几分 10月23日6点59分

what time is the frost fall in 2020? According to the content told us in the 2020 old yellow calendar, the frost fall season is at 06:59 on October 23, 2020, the seventh day of September (small) in the lunar calendar.


the blessing of frost 1. Once the autumn evening is exposed into frost, add clothes in time. The thoughts are winding silently. Time flows away without leaving a trace. The good wishes are issued here. I just wish everything is well. 2. It's cool in frost season. Pedestrians on the road want to add clothes. It's most important to take care of your body. Don't forget to bless and warm your heart. The weather is getting colder. My friend, I remind you to pay attention to cold prevention, warmth preservation and health care. 3. People miss more in late autumn, and wish the frost coming soon; A piece of true feelings, pay attention to it silently, and the heart is sweet; Usual greetings are the warmest, silent text messages resist frost and cold; My blessing is very simple. Keep warm when it's cold!

2020年霜降几月几日几点几分 10月23日6点59分

4. The frost is falling, and the weather is getting cooler. I hope my warm heart and care for you can help you, make you feel at ease when you need it, and make this society more harmonious! 5. When the frost falls, it will bring down a happiness and moisten your heart; Bring down a piece of good luck; Down a happiness, infinite beauty; Bring down a safe and healthy life; Down a joy, mind rippling. 6. With the advent of frost, a word of peace, a word of happiness, a word of good luck, a text message and a greeting, I wish you happiness, health, smooth work and happy life forever! 7. Deeper dew, heavy frost, warm blessing hidden in the heart. The frost is happy, and happiness is always there. May my blessing expel some cold for you.

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