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The frost fall in 2020 is from the beginning of the lunar month to the seventh of September

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frost fall is the last solar term in autumn. At this time, the weather will be colder and colder, slowly approaching winter, and the Yang will gradually collect. To keep warm, you should take action immediately. You are responsible for yourself and your family. According to the 2020 lunar calendar, what is the date of the lunar calendar in 2020? What information can we get from the old yellow calendar?

2020年霜降是农历几月初几 九月初七

the frost fall in 2020 is the first day of the lunar month. After reading the contents of the frost fall in the 2020 old yellow calendar, we can clearly know that the lunar date of the frost term on October 23, 2020 in the Gregorian calendar is the seventh day of September (small) in 2020.

frost blessing 1. Frost falls in late autumn. Keep in mind that you should care about your heart and miss your heart. Your feelings are continuous, silent and warm. May you frost people's health, add clothes in time and don't catch cold. 2. The cold frost falls quietly, the wild geese fly south, the coolness is silky, the red leaves dance with the wind, the sky is high and cold, the frost falls all over the ground in the morning, and the autumn rain is rustling. I send you good luck. I wish you a happy frost fall! 3. The frost season is coming. Keep warm and prevent cold. Good health is the revolutionary capital. Don't forget to take care of yourself when you are busy, so that my friends can relax and send this message. I hope you can receive my sincere blessing.


4. In late autumn, the frost is falling. My dear friend, I hope you are all right. In such a season, I can't do without my blessing. I wish you to love you with happy oars, sail all the way towards the goal of health and happiness, row away all the worries and unhappiness, and smoothly reach happiness and well-being. 5. The autumn rain is drizzling and lingering, the cool wind is blowing, the night dew is cold, the frost comes, the warmth disappears, the blessing comes, the seasons change, and the people know the cold and warm. I wish you a happy frost fall! 6. No matter where you are, I wish you a warm and constant company. Take my wishes and brush away the irritability in life. The colorful days are inseparable from a cup of hot tea when you are busy.

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