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What does it mean that jackals sacrifice animals when frost falls? Jackals display their prey before eating

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means that the temperature is getting lower and the first frost appears. It means that winter is about to begin. It means that autumn is coming to an end. At this time, we should not only remind people around us to keep warm, but also pay attention to climate change and add clothes in time. So what information can be provided to us in the frost old yellow calendar in 2020?

霜降一候豺乃祭兽是什么意思 豺狼将猎物先陈列再食用

what does it mean that jackals are sacrificial animals when the frost falls? This period occurs on the day of the frost, which means that jackals will display their captured prey first, place it well, and then eat it.


how to eat yam for health preservation during frost fall 1. Yam must be eaten more after frost fall. Yam has high medicinal value and is rich in protein, sugar, starch and calcium. It not only has high nutrition, but also low calories and strong sense of satiety. It has the effect of Tonifying the spleen, nourishing the lung and benefiting the kidney. 2. White radish. White radish is rich in vitamins and nutrition. It is cool and has the effects of clearing heat, generating saliva, appetizing and strengthening the spleen. When winter comes, eating white radish is a good health food material and very healthy. 3. Duck meat. It is most suitable to eat duck meat when frost falls. There are many cooking methods for duck meat, especially in hot summer, which consumes a lot of body energy. Therefore, we should eat more duck meat at this time to strengthen the spleen and tonify deficiency, so as to better enter winter.

霜降一候豺乃祭兽是什么意思 豺狼将猎物先陈列再食用

4. Pumpkin has high nutritional value and is easy to digest. It can improve our autumn dryness symptoms. It is an important source of vitamin A. eating more can also play a role in beauty. 5. Autumn pear is sweet and cool in nature. It can soften blood vessels. It is very suitable for eating in the dry period in autumn. If you want to clear heat and moisten your lungs, generate saliva and reduce fire, autumn pear is a good choice. 6. Chestnut. Chestnut is a food with rich nutritional value, which can prevent many diseases. It also contains comprehensive minerals and rich in vitamin C. It has a strong nourishing effect. It is suitable for frost fall tonic. 7. Sweet potato. Sweet potato is a good food for defecation and detoxification. It has high protein content, can strengthen the spleen and stomach, strengthen the kidney yin. In addition, it can also lose weight and beauty and prevent sub-health.

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