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What does it mean that the plants and trees fall yellow when frost falls? The leaves wither and fall

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Frost Day is a transitional season from autumn to winter. The ground slowly begins to dissipate heat, and water vapor condenses into droplets on the ground. Frost is one of the twenty-four solar terms in Chinese traditional culture and a very important folk custom. So what useful information can we learn from the records of frost terms in the 2020 old yellow calendar? What needs our attention?

霜降二候草木黄落是什么意思 叶枯而落

what does it mean that the plants and trees fall yellow in the second period of frost? This sentence means that during the frost period, the trees wither, the color is yellow and the leaves fall, and there are many yellow fallen leaves on the earth.


practical agricultural proverbs for frost reduction 1. Frost free in September and frost free in October. The time of frost term is usually around September of the lunar calendar. This proverb means that there will be no frost on the frost day in September of the lunar calendar. If it falls in October of the lunar calendar, there will be frost on the frost day.

2. The frost did not fall, and the mountains were covered with heavy snow. When frost falls, you see frost, and when winter begins, you see ice. Frost sees frost, light snow sees snow. This agricultural proverb tells us that if there is no frost on the day of frost, it will snow heavily in winter. In addition, when frost falls, it will freeze at the beginning of winter, and it will snow on a small snowy day.

霜降二候草木黄落是什么意思 叶枯而落

3. Frost and rain continue to rain, and frost will not dry all winter. It is sunny with frost, less wind and snow, frost and rain, and more wind and snow. There is rain in frost, there is much rain in spring, there is no rain in frost, and there is drought in winter and spring. It means that if it rains on the day of frost, there will be many cloudy and rainy days in the next day. On the contrary, if the frost day is sunny, there will be less rain and snow in winter.

4. The explanation of this agricultural proverb is that if it doesn't rain on the day of frost, the warm weather will last until the beginning of winter, and the winter will be sunny and not too cold.


5. It rains deeply in autumn and the frost falls late, which means that if the autumn rain dries thoroughly before the frost falls, the frost fall time will come later.

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