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Why should we eat persimmon for health preservation? What are the complete agricultural proverbs

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frost is one of the 24 solar terms in China. When frost falls, the weather is gradually cold, and people will add clothes to keep warm. So why eat persimmons? What are the agricultural proverbs of frost solar terms? Let's get to know the old calendar together!

霜降为什么要吃柿子养生 有哪些农谚大全

why eat persimmons for health preservation during frost? Because the best maturity period of persimmons is before and after frost. There are proverbs as evidence: "pick persimmons in frost and hit soft dates at the beginning of winter", "if you don't pick persimmons in frost, hard persimmons become soft persimmons". Persimmons in frost season are large, thin skinned and sweet in juice. They can be said to have reached their heyday and have high nutritional value. They contain carotene, vitamin C, glucose, fructose, iodine, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other mineral elements. If a person eats a persimmon a day, the intake of vitamin C can basically meet half of the daily demand. Persimmon can effectively supplement human nutrients and intracellular fluid, and play the role of clearing heat, moistening lung, generating saliva and relieving thirst; Persimmon contains a lot of vitamins and iodine, which can treat endemic goiter caused by iodine deficiency; Organic acids in persimmons help gastrointestinal digestion and increase appetite; Persimmon can promote the oxidation of ethanol in the blood, help the body excrete alcohol and reduce the damage of alcohol to the body; Persimmon also helps to lower blood pressure, soften blood vessels, increase coronary artery flow, promote blood circulation, eliminate inflammation and improve cardiovascular function. Eating persimmon can clear away heat, moisten lung, replenish muscles and bones, and has the effect of eliminating phlegm and relieving cough. It is a very suitable fruit for autumn. In addition, there is also a folk saying that eating Ding persimmon in frost will not runny nose. Some local folk customs believe that you should eat pancakes on the day of frost, otherwise your lips will crack all winter.

霜降为什么要吃柿子养生 有哪些农谚大全

agricultural proverbs of frost reduction solar terms 1. It's better to make up frost reduction in a year (Xiamen). 2. The frost climate is gradually cold, and livestock colds are easy to occur. 3. Cold dew tube chamber, frost tube ear. 4. Frost falls on a sunny day, and winter is not cold (cloud). 5. Clear frost and less wind and snow; Frost, rain, wind and snow (Jiangxi). 6. Frost falls without rain, and it is warm to the beginning of winter (Guangdong). 7. Frost, no rain and heavy dew (Jiangxi). 8. There is rain in frost, there is much rain in spring, there is no rain in frost, and there is drought in winter and spring (Guangxi). 9. Frost and rain continue to rain, and frost will not dry all winter (Hubei and Hunan). 10. The frost did not fall, and the mountains (Hunan) were covered with heavy snow.

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