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What does the 24 solar terms Lidong eating glutinous rice balls mean and how to keep in good health

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Lidong solar term is one of the solar terms in winter. When Lidong comes, people will have some custom activities to celebrate, and one of the eating customs is to eat tangyuan. What does the 24 solar terms Lidong mean to eat Tangyuan? How should Lidong health care be done? Let's get to know the old calendar together!

二十四节气立冬吃汤圆是指什么 养生应该怎么做

what does the 24 solar terms Lidong eating Tangyuan mean? Lidong eating Tangyuan means Tuan Tuan Yuan. Lidong eating Tangyuan has many benefits. Lidong is the beginning of winter. In winter, the temperature is cold, Yin flourishes and Yang declines. Tangyuan with sufficient heat can ensure sufficient energy supply for the human body. Lard meat balls in the South and sugar Lantern Festival in the north are full of carbohydrates and energy. Take a bite to warm up for half a day.


what should we do for health preservation at the beginning of winter? 1. Sleep. The first thing to ensure health preservation in winter is adequate sleep.

2. Keep away from the cold. The temperature continues to drop. People who are weak are prone to wind cold, especially in the neck, navel, feet and other places. Once they get cold, they can cause cervical spondylosis, diarrhea and other diseases.

3. Emotion "makes the mind hidden. If there is a private intention, if there is one." in winter, it is advisable to hide the emotion and be quiet as

二十四节气立冬吃汤圆是指什么 养生应该怎么做

4. At the beginning of winter, health preservation should pay attention to the word "Tibet", focusing on "collection" and "keeping warm". At the same time, proper tonic, supplemented by exercise and mental health care. In diet, we should "warm tonic", eat more warm food, less spicy and sour, and prevent diseases.

"5. The elderly, children and those with poor physical strength can properly do gentle sports such as jogging, Tai Chi and fast walking, which has achieved the effect of micro perspiration. In fact, there is a characteristic sport in winter, that is, winter swimming!

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