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Is the solar term light snow winter? What fruit is suitable to eat

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in China, the 24 solar terms are divided into four different seasons, and each solar term has different characteristics. One of them is light snow. Is light snow winter? What fruit is suitable for Xiaoxue? Let's analyze and understand together with the old yellow calendar!

节气小雪是冬天了吗 吃什么水果合适

solar term is light snow in winter: Yes, the second solar term in winter is light snow on November 22 or 23 of the Gregorian calendar every year, which is called light snow solar term. Light snow indicates the starting time and degree of snow. Snow is the product of cold weather. Light snow solar term, the northern part of the South began to enter winter. "The lotus has no rain cover, and the chrysanthemum residue still has frost branches", which is a scene of early winter. Because there are Qinling Mountains and Daba mountain barriers in the north to block the invasion of cold air and weaken the cold wave, the "winter warmth" in South China is significant. The number of snowfall days in the whole year is mostly less than 5 days, much less than that in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River at the same latitude. There is little chance of snow before heavy snow.

what fruit is suitable for light snow? Banana tastes sweet and cold, and has high medicinal value. The main function is to clear the intestines and stomach, treat constipation, and have the effects of clearing heat and moistening the lungs, stopping thirst, filling the essence, detoxifying alcohol and so on. Due to the cold nature of bananas, people with deficiency cold of spleen and stomach, stomach pain and diarrhea should eat less, and those with too much gastric acid had better not eat.

kiwifruit kiwifruit should be eaten more in light snow season, because kiwifruit contains folic acid, which can help us resist depression. Kiwifruit has very high nutritional value. It is rich in protein, sugar, fat, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals


, 节气小雪是冬天了吗 吃什么水果合适,


apple. Apple fiber, pectin, antioxidants and other components can reduce bad cholesterol and improve the content of good cholesterol. The vitamins and antioxidants contained in apple can prevent aging. Some effective substances and vitamin C contained in apples can play an anti-cancer role. Apples are rich in folic acid, the main component of vitamin B, which helps prevent heart disease.


chestnuts also contain a lot of nutrients, which can provide a lot of heat to our body, which is conducive to our cold resistance in winter, Tongmei, nutritious tonic and tonic.

sugarcane sugarcane is a fruit with high moisture content. Its moisture content accounts for 84% of sugarcane. We chew sugarcane to extract its moisture and supplement delicious moisture in dry winter.

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