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The cold dew solar term in 2020 must be paid attention to in which month of health preservation

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cold dew is the solar term in autumn in China. People will begin to feel cool during the cold dew solar term. What month is the cold dew solar term in 2020? What must be paid attention to in cold dew regimen? Let's get to know the old calendar together!

2020年寒露节气是在几月份 养生必须注意的

what month is the cold dew solar term in 2020: October, October 7-9 of the Gregorian calendar, the sun's yellow meridian 195 °, and the cold dew comes. "The sky is high, the days are hot, the nights are cool, the grass is bare and the trees are yellow." On the cold dew day, the most intuitive change is the decline of temperature. In fact, the three solar terms of White Dew, cold dew and frost all represent the phenomenon of water vapor condensation. Cold dew is the transition of climate from cool to cold. The common language is "cold dew, cold dew everywhere." at this time, the dew on the ground is cold and the temperature is suddenly cold. In the cold dew season, Nanling and the vast area to the north have entered autumn, the Northeast has entered late autumn, and the northwest is not far from winter.

2020年寒露节气是在几月份 养生必须注意的

cold dew regimen must pay attention to 1. Reasonable work and rest habits. Developing a good daily work and rest habit in cold dew solar terms is also an important way to maintain people's physical and mental health. Among them, some people who always stay up late need to be corrected in time. Only good people who sleep can have spirit. At the same time, they must combine work and rest, Don't be too tired. It's very helpful to keep plenty of energy.

2. People have good eating habits. Food is an important source of nutrition for people every day. In cold dew health preservation, people's nerves are easy to be in an excited state, and their appetite will naturally increase greatly. They can't help eating more spicy and stimulating food. However, if they often eat such food, it is easy to aggravate the Qi of dryness and evil, Then induce "autumn dryness disease". Therefore, we must eat more fresh fruits and vegetables and less cold and spicy food in our diet.

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