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Cold dew is not a proverb about what solar terms the weather is when the frost changes

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cold dew is an important solar term in China. When it is cold dew, people will pay attention to the change of temperature. Then cold dew is not cold frost. What is the day? What is the proverb of the cold dew solar term? Let's get to know the old calendar together!

寒露不算冷霜降变了天是什么 节气的谚语

cold dew is not cold frost. What is the weather? The frost falling air temperature is low. Compared with frost falling, cold dew is not cold at all. The cold dew solar term is the first solar term named after the word "cold" in the 24 solar terms, which shows that the climate during the cold dew solar term is cold, but the weather during the cold dew solar term is far worse than that during the frost solar term. The temperature during the frost solar term is generally below 20 °, and light snow even begins to fall in the north. Therefore, the real cold weather in autumn is still the number of frost solar terms. Due to different geographical locations, the temperature in different areas in cold dew season is also different. The temperature continues to decline in most parts of southern China. The daily average temperature in South China is less than 20 ℃, even in the coastal areas of the Yangtze River, it is difficult for the temperature to rise above 30 ℃, while the minimum temperature can fall below 10 ℃. Except for a few Valley lowlands in the Northwest Plateau, the average temperature of climate (5 days) is generally lower than 10 ℃. Measured by the standard of climatology to divide the four seasons, it is winter.

the solar terms proverb of the cold dew. Look at the morning wheat before and after the cold dew. To make the seedlings strong, the cold dew comes to frost. White Dew Valley, cold dew beans. Cold dew collects beans and peanuts after the autumn equinox. When the cold dew comes, cut the late rice; When the frost falls, cut the glutinous rice. Cotton is afraid of continuous rain in August, rice is afraid of cold dew and frost. Before cold dew, six or seven days, ripening agent, spray cotton quickly.

寒露不算冷霜降变了天是什么 节气的谚语

don't complain when the cold dew doesn't pick the smoke and the frost blows. Cold dew does not dig onions, must be empty in the heart. Cold dew collection mountain inspection, frost planing sweet potato. Cold dew persimmon red skin, pick it and go to the market. Persimmons are as red as fire. Take off the baskets. Cold dew persimmons have red skin. Cold dew livestock are not idle. They work overtime day and night. They pay close attention to planting wheat and greatly reduce production later. Mules, horses and donkeys, with night grass, have enough energy and work well.

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