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What does it mean that water is not afraid of cold dew and wind? Disease prevention and health preservation matters

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cold dew is a solar term in autumn in China, and people will pay attention to some matters when it is cold dew. What does it mean that there is water not afraid of Cold Dew wind? What are the precautions for cold dew disease prevention and health preservation? Just follow the old yellow calendar of this issue and get to know each other!

有水不怕寒露风是什么意思 防病养生事项

what does it mean that water is not afraid of cold dew and wind? As the saying goes, "water is not afraid of cold dew and wind". That is to say, although the Cold Dew wind will have a great impact on late rice, as long as irrigation and heat preservation are carried out when the Cold Dew wind comes, the harm of Cold Dew wind can also be reduced to a great extent. Cold dew wind refers to the northerly wind with an average temperature of less than 20 ℃ and a wind force of more than 3 -, - 4 for several consecutive days before and after the cold dew due to the influence of the first strong cold air going south. Dew dissolving wind is usually divided into thousand and wet, and dry cold dew wind is the most harmful to late rice. The peak period of Cold Dew wind in most years is just the same as the heading and flowering period of late rice in our province, so it has a great impact. According to the measurement, in case of cold dew during the heading and flowering period of rice, the empty storage is up to 10% - 20%o. The working people have created a lot of experience in resisting cold dew from long-term production practice. One of the most important is to irrigate deep water for heat preservation when the cold dew and wind come. Because of water. It can increase the field temperature and humidity, enhance the physiological vitality of rice, reduce the transpiration of rice plants, avoid physiological drought, so as to achieve normal heading, flowering and pollination, so it can resist the harm of Cold Dew wind to a great extent. Water to cool the air. The effect is best when the wind is calm and the frost has not yet occurred. If it can be combined with root external metaphor or sprayed with salt water, the effect is better.


precautions for cold dew disease prevention and health preservation 1. The gas of preventing dampness and cold, cold dew solar terms and the gas of dampness and cold are becoming more and more obvious. Therefore, the focus of people's health preservation should be to do a good job in preventing cold evil gas. Among them, the high incidence of many diseases is also closely related to the infection of damp and cold Qi. In addition, from the perspective of health preservation of traditional Chinese medicine, it is appropriate to nourish yin in autumn. When the climate gradually turns cold, the Yang Qi in the human body gradually converges, and the Yin essence is hidden in the body. Therefore, we must pay attention to nourishing Yin essence at this time.

有水不怕寒露风是什么意思 防病养生事项

2. Anti dryness cold dew solar terms are in season, among which "dryness" is the biggest feature. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that dryness is easy to hurt the body, and the damage to the lung and stomach is the most serious. Moreover, in the cold dew solar term, the sweat in people's body will evaporate faster, and the skin will become dry and peeling due to lack of water. Then, in the cold dew solar terms, people must do a good job in preventing dryness and nourishing yin.

3. Prevent emotional impatience, cold dew solar terms, the world is bleak, leaves fall and the wind rises. People's emotions are easily infected by the outside world, resulting in irritability, depression and other symptoms of impatience, so they fall into the state of sorrow in autumn, especially in the situation of bleak autumn wind, flowers and trees withering and so on. Therefore, people in the cold dew solar terms must pay attention to emotional health preservation, not happy with things, not sad for themselves, and maintain a good and optimistic mood. If they encounter troubles, they need to be adjusted in time.

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