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Does the frost fall solar term mean that the weather is getting colder? What is the solar term song

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frost is the last solar term before winter, that is, the last solar term in autumn. People also have some customs when frost falls. Does the frost term mean that the weather is getting colder? What is the song of frost? Let's get to know the old calendar together!

霜降节气含有天气渐冷的意思吗 节气歌是什么

does the frost term mean that the weather is getting colder: some frost terms mean that the weather is getting colder and the first frost appears. It is the last term in autumn and also means the beginning of winter. In frost season, health care is particularly important. There is a folk proverb "it is better to replenish frost in a year", This shows the impact of this solar term on us. On October 23 or 24 of the Gregorian calendar, frost falls when the sun is at 210 ° of the Yellow meridian, which is the last solar term in autumn. Frost fall refers to the first frost. It is said in the collection and solution of the seventy-two seasons of the moon: "in September, the air is cold and condensed, and the dew is frost." at this time, the temperature drops below 0 degrees, and the water vapor in the air condenses into white crystals on the ground, which is called frost. At this time, the Yellow River Basin in China generally has early frost. Most areas are busy planting crops such as wheat, wheat and so on. The plants that are not resistant to cold will stop growing and present a scene of late autumn, which is a good time to enjoy maple leaves. "Yi Zhou Shu · Zhou Yue": "Qi in autumn and March: summer, autumnal equinox and frost". Mandarin · Zhou Yuzhong ":" when the fire sees, the breeze warns against cold. "Wu Weizhao of the Three Kingdoms notes:" it is said that after frost, the breeze comes first, so people should avoid cold preparation. "Chapter 15 of part I of Wei Wei Wei's Orient:" on solar terms, there have been several frosts before frost. ""


" 霜降节气含有天气渐冷的意思吗 节气歌是什么


"The solar term song of frost falls. Frost begins to fall before and after frost, and wheat planting is busy in some places. Early sowing of wheat, quick check and supplement to ensure that the seedlings are neat and strong. Glutinous rice is being harvested at this festival, and sweet potatoes are being cut, dried and stored fresh. Cotton should be picked carefully, and all the trees and underground should be picked up. In late autumn, the harvest was carried out everywhere, firewood and grass were stacked and grain was stored. Take good care of the fruits and vegetables in the greenhouse, topdressing and watering to prevent insects, green onions and radishes are collected one after another, and cabbage is gathered to help. Repair the leaky circle in the open shed quickly to prevent the animals from catching cold. Fasten the animals and circle the pigs, and the wheat seedlings will be affected. Catch adult fish and sell them on the market. Lotus root, reed, Pu thicken and harvest are busy. Rodent infestation in urban and rural areas will be eliminated together, so as to prevent epidemic diseases and ensure food security.

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