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Is the beginning of winter in 24 solar terms a winter regimen? How to take care of it

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is the first solar term in winter, but in some places it does not enter winter, and people will be prepared at the beginning of winter. Is the beginning of winter of 24 solar terms winter? How does Lidong health care? Let's get to know the old calendar together!

24节气的立冬算不算冬天 养生如何调养

is the beginning of winter in the 24 solar terms? The ancients said that the beginning of winter, the beginning of construction, also means that winter begins from now on. Winter means the end. It means to collect crops after harvest. China takes the beginning of winter as the beginning of winter. However, the beginning of winter in the lunar calendar is not the beginning of winter in meteorology. People often think that the beginning of winter is the beginning of winter. In fact, the two are not the same thing. Lidong indicates the change of solar terms. The time of each year is relatively fixed, both on November 7 or 8. According to the four seasons standard of meteorology, the real winter comes when the average temperature drops below 10 ℃ for five consecutive days. The climate conditions are different every year, and there are great differences in the morning and evening of winter, with a time difference of two or three weeks.


how to take care of the diet at the beginning of winter. When the weather is cold, the most important point of health care is "nourishing the kidney and preventing cold". In terms of health care, it is advisable to give priority to warming and tonifying. In terms of diet, diet should focus on Nourishing Yin and latent Yang and increasing calories. Eat more animal foods and beans, and supplement vitamins and inorganic salts. In addition, mutton, soybeans, walnuts, chestnuts and radishes are suitable food.


in daily life, we should pay attention to the warmth of our feet. When it is cold, we should maintain air circulation. In addition to opening doors and windows to allow air convection during the day, we should also open small air windows for ventilation at night.

24节气的立冬算不算冬天 养生如何调养

spiritual recuperation society should adjust bad emotions in time. When in a state of tension, excitement, depression, etc., psychological calm should be restored as soon as possible.

exercise and recuperation in addition to cold prevention and tonic, strengthening physical exercise is also essential. Appropriate exercise can enhance metabolism, generate heat, improve body immunity and reduce diseases. You can choose your own sports to exercise.

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