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The 24 solar terms frost fall means a little knowledge of health preservation

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frost fall is an important solar term in China. People will prepare some things for changing seasons during frost fall. What does the 24 solar term frost fall mean? What is the little knowledge of frost health preservation? Let's get to know the old calendar together!

24节气霜降的意思是 养生小知识

section 24 frost fall means that "in September, the air is cold and condensed, and the dew turns into frost". Frost fall is a transitional solar term from autumn to winter. At night, the ground heat dissipates very quickly, and the temperature can suddenly drop below 0 ℃. The water vapor in the air directly condenses ice needles on the ground or near ground plants, and some become hexagonal frost flowers with white color and loose structure. Frost can only form on sunny days. People say that "thick frost fierce sun" is this truth. The frost term means that the weather is getting colder and begins to frost. The average temperature in the north of Northeast China, the east of Inner Mongolia and most of the Northwest has been below 0 ℃, the soil is frozen, the winter crops stop growing and enter the overwintering period. In the southern region with southern latitude, the average temperature is mostly about 16 ℃, and there are two to three solar terms before the first frost date.


health care tips on frost to keep warm from the cold and protect the intestines and stomach. When frost falls, the temperature gradually decreases, and the vegetative nerves of the human body are vulnerable to cold stimulation, which affects the normal law of gastrointestinal peristalsis and leads to functional disorder; In a cold climate, human metabolism increases, heat consumption increases, gastric juice and various digestive juice secretion increases, appetite improves and food consumption increases. Therefore, special attention should be paid to preventing cold and keeping warm to protect the intestines and stomach. Daily life should go to bed early and get up early. Cover the quilt when you fall asleep at night, especially pay attention to keeping your abdomen warm. When you go out, you should dress reasonably according to the weather changes to avoid being hurt by cold and heat. Ensure adequate sleep, do not overwork, and comply with the physiological characteristics of "sleepy spring and lack of autumn".

24节气霜降的意思是 养生小知识

are full of energy. Don't mourn the autumn frost season. Autumn wind and rain, flowers and trees wither, and nature is a depression. It is easy to feel sad and desolate in people's hearts, and many negative emotions will follow. Therefore, in frost season, we still need to pay attention to take good care of our spirit. It is often said that "the heart has no heart, and all diseases do not occur". In daily life, we should cultivate an optimistic, cheerful and open-minded attitude that is not happy with things, not sad with ourselves. Maintain the lung qi, adjust the spirit, try to slow down the impact of the Qi of killing in autumn on the spirit, and stay away from the mentality of sad autumn.


are suitable for movement and static, and enhance your physique. In late autumn, the weather is cold and cool. Proper exercise is very good for your body. During exercise, people's temperature regulation mechanism is in a tense state, which helps to improve the body's adaptability to the external environment, improve the function of cardiovascular system and prepare for winter. The climate in autumn is relatively dry, so you should choose soothing and less exercise items, such as jogging, walking, mountaineering, etc., which should be carried out timely and regularly in the morning or evening. It should be noted that preparations should be made before each exercise. The exercise time should not be too long, and it is appropriate to sweat slightly. After exercise, you should have a good rest and pay attention to the reasonable arrangement of movement and rest, so as to achieve the purpose of sports and strengthening your body.

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