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What is the significance of the beginning of winter on November 7, 2020

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beginning of winter is one of the solar terms in China, and it is also a cold solar term. People will have some traditional customs at the beginning of winter. What is the significance of beginning of winter on November 7, 2020? What is the beginning of winter? Let's learn about the old yellow calendar!

2020年11月7日立冬的意义 补冬是什么

the meaning of the beginning of winter on November 7, 2020: collect all things and avoid the cold. The "beginning of winter" solar term is the 19th of the 24 solar terms on November 7 or 8 every year. In ancient China, it was a folk custom to take the beginning of winter as the beginning of winter. According to the collection and interpretation of the seventy-two seasons of the lunar calendar, "the beginning is the beginning of the construction", and "winter is the end, and all things are collected." it means that all crops are collected and dried in autumn, collected and put into storage, and animals have been hidden for hibernation. It seems that the beginning of winter not only represents the coming of winter. To put it completely, the beginning of winter means that everything collects and avoids the cold at the beginning of winter. The word "winter" has a wonderful meaning in Chinese. First, it is homonymous with freezing. When people hear the sound of winter, they will think of the cold north wind and cold frost and snow; Second, it is the word "end" without silk to keep out the cold, which means that the activities of all things in heaven and earth tend to stop and prepare to hibernate for the winter. The time when people can harvest or work hard in a year should also be over. It's time to collect, make up for the winter and gather energy for the coming spring.

2020年11月7日立冬的意义 补冬是什么

what is the beginning of winter to make up for the winter? The arrival of the beginning of winter solar term is the withering of plants and trees, dormant insects, and the activities of all things tend to stop. In a state of hibernation, you can refresh your energy and prepare for the outbreak of spring. Although human beings have no theory of hibernation, there is a custom of starting winter and making up winter among the people. In this best period of tonic, people eat tonic to supplement vitality for resisting the severe cold in winter. In winter, you should eat less raw and cold food, especially not excessive supplement. Ordinary people can properly eat some foods with high calories, especially in the north. They can eat beef and mutton, but they should also eat more fresh vegetables. Eat foods rich in vitamins and easy to digest.

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