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When is the beginning of winter 2020? Saturday, November 7

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talks about the beginning of winter, people will not feel strange. This solar term is the first solar term in China's winter and also represents the beginning of winter. When is the beginning of winter in 2020? What is the solar term phenology at the beginning of winter? Let's get to know each other together!


when is the beginning of winter in 2020: Saturday, November 7, 2020, the beginning of winter (English Name: beginning of winter) is one of the 24 solar terms of the lunar calendar and one of the traditional Chinese festivals. Lidong means the beginning of winter. The date is between November 6 and 8 of the Gregorian calendar every year. Lidong was one of the folk "four seasons and eight Festivals" in ancient society. People generally held sacrificial activities. Chinese people begin winter with the beginning of winter. During the beginning of winter, there is a food custom that needs tonic to survive the severe winter. In the south, people like to eat chicken, duck and fish. In the north, people like to eat dumplings.


phenology of the beginning of winter solar term in ancient China, the beginning of winter solar term was divided into three 5 days, from which three phases were determined: "first, the water began to ice; second, the ground began to freeze; third, the pheasant entered the flood as a mirage." this solar term water can form ice; Land also began to freeze; The pheasant in the "pheasant entering the flood is a mirage" refers to the big bird such as pheasant, and the mirage is a big clam. After the beginning of winter, the big bird such as pheasant is rare, but the big clam whose shell is similar to the line and color of pheasant can be seen by the sea. So the ancients thought that pheasants would become big clams after the beginning of winter.


understanding of "beginning of winter", we can not just stay in the meaning of the beginning of winter. Tracing back to the source, the ancients' understanding of "Li" is the same as that of modern people, which means to establish and start. However, the word "winter" is not so simple. The explanation of "winter" in the ancient book "collection and interpretation of the seventy-two seasons of the moon" is: "winter is the end, and all things are collected", which means that all crops are collected and dried in autumn, collected and put into storage, and animals have been hidden for hibernation. It seems that the beginning of winter not only represents the coming of winter, but also means that winter begins, everything collects and avoids the cold. Zuohe River's poem "the beginning of winter" reads: "the north wind blows back and forth, the trees shake in the air, half green and yellow. Dikes are built everywhere to prevent drought and flood, and thousands of families dry things for winter storage."

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