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When does the lunar calendar begin winter in 2020? September 22 of the lunar calendar

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beginning of winter is a solar term of winter in China, and people will have some celebrations to welcome the arrival of this solar term at the beginning of winter. When will winter begin in the 2020 lunar calendar? What is the short blessing of the beginning of winter solar term? Let's get to know the old calendar together!

2020年农历什么时候立冬 农历九月廿二

when does the lunar calendar begin winter in 2020: Saturday, November 7, 2020, September 22 of the lunar calendar, one of the twenty-four solar terms, the handle points to the northwest, the solar yellow meridian reaches 225 °, and the festival is held between November 7 and 8 of the Gregorian calendar. The beginning of winter is a seasonal solar term, which means that it has entered winter since then, which means that wind and rain, dry and wet, light and temperature are at a turning point and begin to transition from autumn to winter. "Autumn harvest and winter storage" means that everything is closed in winter. Winter is the season to enjoy harvest and recuperate. Lidong is one of the "four seasons and eight Festivals" among the people. In ancient China, some places held sacrifices, banquets and other activities in Lidong as an important festival day to celebrate.

short blessing of the beginning of winter solar term 1. Beginning of winter, the starting point of happiness; Please pay attention to cooling; Exercise, the key points to ensure health; Happiness is the starting point of blessing; Blessing is the key point of SMS; I wish you will always be the focus of attention; Happiness and sweetness have no end! Happy Lidong! 2. The wind is rustling, layers of cold, modest greetings and warm feelings; The sky is gray, the rain is gurgling, blowing away the sad clouds and showing a smile; Rest your feet, rest your leisure, take your time, and feel at ease; Stand in winter and keep out the cold. May you be happy every day. Happy Lidong!

2020年农历什么时候立冬 农历九月廿二

3. The winter solstice comes and autumn slips away. Leaves wither and flowers fade. Frost is thick and cold. Missing love, a higher level. Blessing, hurried to send. SMS, happy da. I wish you a healthy and happy winter! 4. Two magpies sing winter willows, and a row of troubles go to the West. I heard that Lidong is making up a text message to send warmth today. Seeing the smiling face here, you and I feel sweet. The window contains winter and autumn snow, and the door has been happy for 10000 years. At the beginning of winter, I wish you health and happiness! 5. The beginning of winter is coming, and the cold will come. Here, I knitted a scarf with my mobile phone. I hope it can bring you warmth and care. Through this message, I send my greetings to you: I wish you a happy beginning of winter!

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