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Is the light snow solar term the 20th solar term? Taboo precautions

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light snow is not only a manifestation of climate and weather, but also a representative of solar terms. It is a solar term in winter. Is light snow solar term the 20th solar term? What are the contraindications of light snow? Let's get to know each other together!


is the 20th solar term of light snow: Yes, light snow is the 20th of the twenty-four solar terms. On November 22 or 23 every year, when the sun reaches 240 ° of the Yellow meridian, it is regarded as light snow. "Light snow" means that snow begins to fall, and the amount of snow is small.

light snow taboo precautions taboo close the door. Citizens who often work indoors don't forget to open windows properly for ventilation, so as to maintain indoor air circulation and humidity and keep away from dryness and flu. In winter, people are often most concerned about the indoor temperature, while ignoring the indoor ventilation and humidity. The room temperature is too high and the humidity is too low, which will also cause physical discomfort and disease. For indoor moisturizing in winter, in addition to sprinkling some water on the ground every day or mopping the floor with a wet mop to increase humidity, you can also put a basin of water near the heat dissipation facilities to let the water evaporate slowly to keep the indoor air moist. In addition, raising a few pots of flowers and plants in the room or buying a humidifier can also adjust the indoor humidity to fill the room with fresh air.


do not go to bed early and get up early. Remember to "raise and store" Yang Qi before and after light snow. Experts stressed that people should go to bed early appropriately. At the same time, it is not easy to get up too early in the morning. Especially if the time of the elderly allows, it is best to get up when the sun rises and Yang Qi develops, so as to ensure adequate sleep, which is conducive to the potential of Yang Qi and the accumulation of Yin essence.


it is forbidden to eat hot and dry food. It is cold in winter. People like to eat warm food to resist the cold. For example, northern China likes to eat mutton in winter and southern China likes to eat turtle in winter. They all belong to warm and tonic food. However, not all hot foods are suitable for eating in the light snow season. Eating too many dry and hot things is easy to get angry and even produce hot diseases. So, from the beginning of the snow, you can eat mutton, turtle, sea cucumber and so on, but don't eat too much hot food, such as fried food, too much food, too much pepper, pepper, pepper, strong baijiu. Too much salt is bad for your health in winter. Salty taste into your kidney can lead to colder kidney water and disturb your heart Yang. Therefore, you should eat less salt in winter to avoid "adding frost to the snow" and damaging your Yang, especially for people with high blood pressure.

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