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Diet precautions of Xiaoxue solar term why eat Ciba

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light snow solar term is the solar term after the beginning of winter in China. People also attach great importance to diet during light snow. What are the dietary precautions of light snow solar term? Why does Xiaoxue eat Ciba? Let's analyze the old yellow calendar together with you!

小雪节气的饮食注意事项 为什么要吃糍粑

diet precautions of light snow solar term 1. It is advisable to eat warm and tonic food. In terms of diet, eat more food with high calories and the effect of strengthening brain and promoting blood circulation. Should eat warm tonic food and kidney food. Warm and tonic foods include mutton, beef, chicken, dog meat, pilose antler, etc; Kidney benefiting foods include cashew nuts, Euryale ferox, yam porridge, chestnut stew, ginkgo stewed chicken, big bone soup, walnuts, etc. In addition, we should eat more black foods, such as black fungus, black sesame, black beans, etc.

2. Drink a bowl of hot porridge or hot soup before meals. In cold temperatures, drinking a bowl of hot porridge will not only make the body feel warm immediately, but also warm the intestines and stomach, awaken the digestive system and promote appetite. In particular, coarse grain porridge can also help supplement B vitamins, potassium and other nutrients. In addition, the winter climate is dry, you should add water, and drinking porridge can also make you drink a lot of water unconsciously. In addition to hot porridge, a bowl of hot soup with less oil and salt before dinner is also a good choice.

3. Nuts are the first choice for snacks. Nuts are rich in vitamin E, B vitamins, iron, zinc, calcium and other minerals, as well as a certain amount of protein, which can help people resist the cold. The nutrient density of nuts is high, which can make up for the relatively small variety of food in winter to a certain extent. Therefore, when it's cold, you might as well replace cookies, snacks and other snacks with nuts.

小雪节气的饮食注意事项 为什么要吃糍粑

why does Xiaoxue eat Ciba? In ancient times, Ciba was a traditional festival sacrifice in southern China, which was first used by farmers to sacrifice cattle gods. As the saying goes, "in October Dynasty, Ciba Lu was burned", which refers to the sacrificial event. Ciba tastes smooth and delicate. It is easier to digest and absorb than glutinous rice. It can also absorb fat and lose weight. It can be said to be a delicious food in the world. From the outside to the inside, golden crisp, white and soft, fragrant and sweet, pulling long silk, mixed with incompletely melted sugar particles, that sense of satisfaction has been lingering in many people's hearts for many years. Ciba is steamed with glutinous rice and then punched through special stone grooves. It is very laborious to beat Ciba by hand, but the Ciba is soft and delicate with excellent taste. There are pure glutinous rice, millet, glutinous rice mixed with millet, and corn mixed with glutinous rice. In addition, sticky rice and glutinous rice are ground into powder and poured into a wood carving mold, which is engraved with patterns, commonly known as "Tuoba". The production of Ciba takes a lot of manpower, and several people must work together to complete it.

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