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Light snow flies all over the sky. What does the coming year mean? The short origin of solar terms

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light snow is one of the traditional 24 solar terms in China, and light snow has formed many cultures over time. What does light snow mean when it flies all over the sky? What is the brief origin of the light snow solar term? Let's understand and analyze the old yellow calendar together!

小雪飞满天来岁是丰年什么意思 节气简短由来

light snow flies all over the sky. The literal meaning of this agricultural proverb is easy to understand. It says that if there is snow on the day of light snow solar term, the next year must be a good harvest year. This agricultural proverb is also reasonable, because if it snows during light snow, it will freeze to death some diseases and pests in the field. With fewer diseases and pests, natural crops grow well. And the melting snow water can also alleviate the drought, so it is easier to have a good harvest the next year. The brief origin of


solar terms light snow when the sun moves to 240 degrees of the Yellow meridian, the solar shadow is measured with a guibiao on this day. The shadow is 2.74 meters long, that is, one foot one foot eight minutes of the ancient ruler. The rod shadow is obviously much longer. This day is the 22nd or 23rd of the Gregorian calendar, and the festival is light snow. When observing the Big Dipper at night, the handle points to the direction of Hai, that is, the northwest. This stage is generally in October of the lunar calendar, also known as Hai month. The twelve message hexagram is the Kun hexagram. The hexagram indicates that the six Yin are full and the Yin Qi is extremely prosperous. It's time to be cold.

小雪飞满天来岁是丰年什么意思 节气简短由来

light snow is a season reflecting precipitation. "Qunfang spectrum" contains: "the air is cold and the snow is gone, and the ground is cold and even the snow is not big.". From then on, what fell from the sky was no longer rain, but snow. However, shortly after entering winter, the temperature did not drop much, so the snow did not fall very much. When it fell to the ground, it would soon melt and form no obvious snow.

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