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What's the time of the beginning of winter in 2020? 6:59 on November 7

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beginning of winter is one of the 24 solar terms in China. People will not only have customs and activities, but also care about the beginning of winter. What is the month, day and time of beginning of winter in 2020? What are the blessings about Lidong? Let's get to know the old calendar together!

2020年立冬几月几日几点几分 11月7日6点59分

what is the time of the beginning of winter in 2020: Saturday, November 7, 2020, 6:59, the beginning of winter on September 22 of the lunar calendar, October Festival. Establish, establish also; Winter is the end, and all things are collected. Water begins to ice. The surface of the water has initially set, but it has not yet reached its firmness. The ground began to freeze. Earth gas condenses cold, and it is not demolished. A pheasant entering the flood is a mirage. Pheasants, pheasants; Zheng Kangcheng, Huainanzi and Gao Yinju all note that mirage is a big clam. The jade chapter also says: mirage, big clam. Mozi also said: clam, a mirage, is not a clam? In the notes to the book of rites, it is said that Jiao belongs to the genus, and in the book of rites, it is explained by clams and mirages. It seems that it is not a clam. However, according to the article of chela in Materia Medica, chela is a big clam, a mirage. It can exhale for a building, and taste the mirage beside the sea to form a building wall. The chapter turtle Sutra says that a mirage is a wheel Island, and the moon breathes out into a building, which is the same as the dragon. It is clear that this is a clam. In Er Ya Yi, Zhou's rites are cited to argue that mirage is a clam. Notes to the book of rites refers to the pheasant. Due to the theory of snake transformation, the pheasant is regarded as a mirage. It is said that it looks like a snake and is large, and the scales under the abdomen are all against the scales. I know it, but I doubt it again: it looks like a dragon, has ears and horns, and I can also smell and know it. It is not like a thing's ear if it is true in Materia Medica and Zhang Gui Jing. Flood, Huai also, Jin said: pheasant into the Huai is a mirage.

2020年立冬几月几日几点几分 11月7日6点59分

the beginning of winter blessings 1. The beginning of winter is the beginning of winter, and the east wind is whistling and praying for blessings: floating a winter snow, cage a blessing; The cold dew on the ground covers the gospel of life; Knot a river of cold ice, lock a season of good luck. Send a message, wish you good health and good luck in the beginning of winter! 2. The beginning of winter is coming, the chill is heavy, the north wind is howling, and the frost is thicker. The feeling of missing becomes stronger and stronger, and the SMS blessing rings dingdong. Pay attention to keeping warm in cold weather, and add clothes and quilts in time. I wish you good health and a happy winter! 3. At the beginning of winter, what we harvest is not only a chill, but also the floating snowflakes, which are dancing for us; And the thick fog, which is playing hide and seek with our door; And the cheerful sparrow, it is happy to our door. This Lidong, happy Lidong; This Lidong, beautiful Lidong. 4. After the beginning of winter, when winter comes, a short message shows concern. The weather changes and the cold is unbearable. You can add clothes quickly. You can care more among your friends and wish warm hearts. The beginning of winter is here. May your life be more wonderful and good luck line up!

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