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Which day of the lunar calendar is the beginning of winter in 2020? September 22

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beginning of winter is an important solar term in China, and people will pay attention to the time of beginning of winter when it comes. So which day of the lunar calendar is the beginning of winter in 2020? What is the greeting of the beginning of winter solar term? Let's analyze it together with the old yellow calendar!

2020年节气立冬是农历的哪一天 九月廿二

which day of the lunar calendar is the beginning of the winter of the 2020 solar term: Saturday, November 7, 2020, September 22 of the lunar calendar; Winter is the end, and all things are collected. In winter, the Yang recedes, the Yin grows, the vitality is closed and stored, and all things begin to collect. Traditionally, the "beginning of winter" is the beginning of winter. The dry climate with less rain in autumn gradually passes away and begins to transition to the rainy, cold and frozen winter climate. After the beginning of winter, the sunshine time will continue to shorten and the noon sun height will continue to decrease. Because the heat stored on the surface still has a certain amount of energy, although the temperature gradually decreases in the early winter (Mengdong), it is not very cold; With the passage of time, the strong cold air went south frequently and crossed the Nanling Mountains, and the weather became colder and colder. In the north, it is already very cold before the beginning of winter. The blessing of


in the beginning of winter solar terms 1. It is best to bless the best time to send your best friend: recruit money on the left, enter treasure on the right, and insert a wishful knife obliquely in the back; The famous sword of happiness is hung on your waist. The God of love gives you a heart piercing arrow. Health teaches you to practice unique skills. Today, the weather is good at the beginning of winter. It is comfortable to smile and have no trouble. 2. The beginning of winter and the beginning of winter immediately freeze your troubles, your sorrows and your troubles; May my greetings, like the warm sun, give you the ambition to fight, the strength to wander and the enterprising attitude; I wish you a happy beginning of winter, everything goes well and your career becomes a success!

2020年节气立冬是农历的哪一天 九月廿二

3. The sky is gray and the wild is boundless. It is colder when it comes to the stage at the beginning of winter; The wind is blowing, the rain is flying, and you should beware of influenza; Good friends, remember, the weather is changeable, pay attention to health; Greetings, the mobile phone rings, making you smile and happy. Friends, tomorrow is the beginning of winter. May you be healthy and auspicious! 4. A greeting will send you a wisp of warmth in the cold winter; A little care, for you to resist the cold invasion; A trace of concern, I hope you can live a happy life every day in winter. A blessing: friend, it's winter, wear thick and don't freeze!

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