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What does it mean when the water begins to freeze and the pheasant enters the water as a mirage

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the beginning of winter in China is the first solar term in winter. In the beginning of winter culture, the three seasons are also a manifestation of the weather. What does it mean that the water begins to ice, the ground begins to freeze, and the pheasant enters the flood as a mirage? What is Lidong Hedong? Let's get to know each other together!

立冬三候水始冰 地始冻 雉入大水为蜃是什么意思

what do you mean by three seasons at the beginning of winter? First, water begins to ice. At the beginning of winter, water begins to ice, and ice is colder than water, so it is the combination of water and ice. The winter cold water knot is the Fu Yin. The ice begins in Meng Dong, is strong in mid winter, and is abundant in winter. Second, the ground began to freeze. Five days after the beginning of winter, the ground began to freeze, ice Zhuang said it was frozen, and the ground winter was condensed. Misty wild floating sun, Hui Hui water covered with cold. Three times, the pheasant enters the flood as a mirage. In the next five days, the pheasant entering the flood is a mirage, which corresponds to the bird entering the flood as a clam. The mirage is a big clam. The ancients believed that a mirage is a mirage. What is


beginning of winter and beginning of winter? Beginning of winter and beginning of spring, beginning of summer and beginning of autumn are collectively referred to as "four sides", and "establishment" means establishment and beginning. As one of the four important solar terms, Lidong is one of the seasonal nodes that Chinese people attach great importance to. It is also a time to enjoy a good harvest and recuperation. Through the recuperation in winter, we look forward to the prosperity and auspiciousness of the coming year. Lidong is not only the first season of winter, but also celebrated as an important festival in many parts of China. Lidong was one of the "four seasons and eight Festivals" in ancient society. People generally held sacrificial activities. The beginning of winter is a big festival in October. In Chinese folk, there are customs such as offering sacrifices to ancestors, feasting and divination of the new year. They offer sacrifices to ancestors with seasonal goods, so as to fulfill their obligations and responsibilities as children and grandchildren, and pray that God will give them a good year in the coming year. Farmers themselves will also be rewarded for drinking and rest.

立冬三候水始冰 地始冻 雉入大水为蜃是什么意思

warm greetings from Lidong 1. Lidong is coming, the sound of flowers falling knows, and the feeling of love knows. Happy Lidong, take care of the cool day! 2. I took Lidong's hand and the lion opened his mouth to prevent the cold from going with you. Borrow the wind from heaven and earth to empty all your troubles. I wish you a happy winter! 3. At the beginning of winter, I wish you a good mood and good health; Coming from Lidong, I wish you success in your career and make a lot of money; At the beginning of winter, I wish you happiness and warmth; Good beginning of winter. I wish you good luck and good luck; The beginning of winter solar terms, increase clothes to prevent cold, take more exercise, and health will always be good. 4. The emperor said: when winter comes, Aiqing is specially given a big gift bag, including a cotton coat, a pair of cotton trousers, a pair of cotton shoes, a dog skin hat and a pair of rabbit hair gloves. I hope Aiqing will be fully armed and warm for the winter from now on!

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