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What is the difference between the winter solstice and the beginning of winter in 2020

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in jiaojiu is the beginning of counting nine days in China, and people don't know when jiaojiu will be, so is 2020 the winter solstice jiaojiu or the beginning of winter jiaojiu? What's the difference between the two? Let's understand and analyze the old yellow calendar together!

2020年是冬至交九还是立冬交九 有啥区别

is the winter solstice jiaojiu or the beginning of winter jiaojiu in 2020: the winter solstice jiaojiu (number nine), also known as winter Jiujiu, is a folk solar term of the Han nationality. Count nine starts from the winter solstice in the late December of the Gregorian calendar. Liang Daizong wrote in Jingchu's chronicle of the age of Jingchu: "the number of winter solstice days and 9981 days are commonly used as cold days." counting nine cold days is a "Nine" every nine days from the winter solstice, and until the eighty-one day of 999, "nine peach blossoms bloom", and the weather is warm. In fact, it was "99 and 19, cattle walking everywhere" - 90 days, counting nine days.

2020年是冬至交九还是立冬交九 有啥区别

what is the beginning of winter? In winter, many villages hold teacher worship activities, which is the season for students to visit teachers. After winter, the school directors (school managers) of urban and rural schools take their parents and students, bring a square plate (four dishes on the plate, what are the customs of Lidong: a pot of wine, what are the customs of Lidong: a wine cup), and go to the school to comfort the teachers with fruits and snacks, which is called "worship". Some teachers' families hold a banquet to entertain the students who come to visit their teachers on the beginning of winter or the winter solstice. Hang a statue of Confucius in the court room and write "great is the most holy teacher Confucius". The students saluted before the statue of Confucius and said, "Confucius, Confucius, great Confucius! Confucius didn't have Confucius before, who will be like Confucius after Confucius!" then the students said hello to the teacher. After the ceremony, the students separately did some housework at the teacher's home.

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