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Definition of the 24 solar terms equinox in 2021

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in spring, people can see many beautiful spring scenery, and the spring equinox is the solar term in spring. What is the definition of the 24 solar term spring equinox in 2021? What are the proverbs about solar terms on the spring equinox? Let Lao Huangli analyze it with you!

2021年24节气春分的定义 有关节气的谚语大全

the definition of the 24 solar terms vernal equinox in 2021. The vernal equinox usually refers to the time when the solar yellow meridian is at 0 °, around the fifth day of February in the lunar calendar (about March 20 ~ 21 in the Gregorian calendar). In terms of time period, it also refers to the position of the sun between 0 ° and 15 ° of the Yellow meridian, that is, the period from the spring equinox to before Qingming Day, and the Gregorian calendar is about March 20 to April 5. The spring equinox is the mid point of 90 days in spring. On this day, the sun shines directly at the earth's equator, and the global day and night are almost the same length. Since then, the direct point of the sun continued to move northward, so the spring equinox is also known as "rising equinox", which was also known as "mid day", "day night equinox" and "mid Spring Moon" in ancient times.

Proverbs about solar terms at the spring equinox 1. Before and after the spring equinox, barley and peas. 2. At the spring equinox, the grass turns green. 3. There is much rain at the spring equinox, which is conducive to spring sowing. 4. The rain doesn't stop at the spring equinox, and there are good days before and after Qingming. 5. The seeds are cheap and there is a large open space. 6. The south wind at the spring equinox, rain first and then drought. 7. At the spring equinox, the bean seedlings stretch. 8. Sting moths and silkworms at the spring equinox. 9. If the spring equinox is not planted properly, it is difficult to survive. 10. The spring equinox is early and the Gu rain is late. It is the right time to plant potato in Qingming.

2021年24节气春分的定义 有关节气的谚语大全

11. I'm afraid of spring frost before and after the spring equinox. Wheat seedlings are injured when I see spring frost. 12. Don't farm without rain at the spring equinox, and don't plant gardens without rain at the autumn equinox. 13. Wheat is afraid of spring drought and valley is afraid of sudden rain. 14. Flowers bloom nine times, and no one asks about the fruit. 15. The west wind is cloudy and rainy at the spring equinox. 16. The spring equinox wheat gets up and is worth thousands of gold at a moment. 17. It snows at the spring equinox and sows cold in spring. 18. The spring equinox is windy and the summer solstice is rainy. 19. At the spring equinox, fruit trees are grafted. 20. The spring equinox is the equinox between day and night.

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