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Is Lidong a verb object letter word or a positive word? What is Lidong's Li

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Lidong is a solar term in China, and there are many cultures that we should learn and inherit. Is Lidong a verb object letter word or a positive word? What is Lidong's legislation? Let's get to know the old calendar together!

立冬是动宾信词还是偏正心的词语 立冬的立是什么立

Lidong is a verb object letter word or a positive word preposition object phrase. The beginning of winter is the beginning of winter, that is, when it comes to winter, it means time, so it is an intermediary object, not a moving object.


mean the beginning of winter. Introduction of

立冬是动宾信词还是偏正心的词语 立冬的立是什么立

the beginning of winter is not only a time for harvest sacrifice and harvest banquet, but also a season of cold wind. There are "October new moon", "Qin Sui Shou", "Hanyi Festival", "Harvest Festival" and other customary activities. At this time, in the north, it is the Mengdong month of "water freezes and the earth begins to freeze", but in the south, it is a little sunny spring. The beginning of winter is a big festival in October. During the Han and Wei dynasties, the son of heaven should personally lead his ministers to welcome the winter atmosphere, commend and compensate the martyrs who died for the country and their families, ask the dead to protect the living creatures, and encourage the people to resist the plundering and invasion of foreign enemies or evil bandits. There are customs such as ancestor worship, banquet and divination of the year in Chinese folk, offering sacrifices to the ancestors with seasonal delicacies, In order to fulfill their obligations and responsibilities as children and grandchildren, they pray that God will give them a good year in the coming year, and the farmers themselves will also be rewarded for drinking and rest.

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