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What does it mean to be overcast at the beginning of winter

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Lidong is the first solar term of winter in China, and Lidong represents the beginning of winter, and many customs and cultures have been formed in Lidong. What about Lidong when yin? What does the beginning of winter mean? Let's get to know each other together!

立冬当阴会怎么样 立冬阴天什么意思

what happens when the beginning of winter is cloudy? It means that the beginning of winter is cloudy and not sunny. If the beginning of winter is cloudy, the whole winter will not be so cold.

the beginning of winter solar term is suitable for the blessing of the circle of friends. 1. The severe winter is coming. I send you a magical message with my blessing. Please collect it. Lonely, give you a trace of warmth; When depressed, give you a ray of happiness; When you are tired, give you a touch of relaxation; Sad, give you a happy. 2. The beginning of winter is coming. I knit a sweater for you with my mobile phone. The sleeve is my greeting, the skirt is my blessing, the collar is my care, and the button is my love. Take this message to you. I wish you a happy beginning of winter! 3. At the beginning of winter, set up happy signs and freeze sad cells; Erect the lintel of happiness and freeze the breath of helplessness; Set up a pleasant heart and freeze the lost feelings; Set up a warm frame, freeze dull thoughts, and be happy at the beginning of winter.

立冬当阴会怎么样 立冬阴天什么意思

4. The faint cool wind blows away your fatigue all day; Misty drizzle, falling, I really miss; The weather is changeable, and what will never change is blessing: when winter comes, the weather is getting colder. Don't forget to add clothes and keep warm. 5. At the beginning of winter, freeze immediately, freeze your troubles, freeze your sorrows, freeze your troubles; May my greetings, like the warm sun, give you the ambition to fight, the strength to wander and the enterprising attitude; I wish you a happy beginning of winter, everything goes well and your career becomes a success! 6. Today is the beginning of winter. The weather is getting colder and colder. You should wear more clothes to prevent cold and less illness; Health preservation should be carried out at the beginning of winter. Health is accompanied by a winter, and the next year will be healthy and free of disease and pain; Get up early to exercise, relax and relax, and live in good health for a hundred years; Text messages to convey the truth, blessings never stop, I wish you a wide range of wealth throughout the winter. 7. A greeting will send you a wisp of warmth in the cold winter; A little care, for you to resist the cold invasion; A trace of concern, I hope you can live a happy life every day in winter. A blessing: friend, it's winter, wear thick and don't freeze!

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