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Light snow in 2020 is the first day of the lunar month, October 8, gengzi year

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in winter, there will be snow in northern areas, and people also divide the snow into light snow and heavy snow, but there are also light snow solar terms among the 24 solar terms. What day is the first day of the lunar month in 2020? Let's get to know each other with our old calendar!

2020年小雪是农历几月初几 庚子年十月八号

the light snow in 2020 is the first day of the lunar month: Sunday, November 22, 2020, and the eighth day of October in the lunar calendar. It is the second half of November in the Gregorian calendar and the second half of October in the lunar calendar. It is a festival used to reflect weather phenomena. It originally meant that the snow was small and there was no snow on the ground. Now it is mostly used to indicate the starting time and degree of snowfall. According to the ancient book Qunfang spectrum, "light snow is cold and will snow. The ground is not even cold and the snow is not big." that is to say, in the "light snow" festival, due to the cold weather, the form of precipitation changes from rain to snow, but at this time, due to the "ground is not very cold", the snow falls less frequently and the amount of snow is not large, so it is called light snow.

traditional food of Xiaoxue 1. Ciba Xiaoxue solar term custom. In some places in the south, there is the custom of eating Ciba in October of the lunar calendar. Ciba is a kind of food made by steaming and mashing glutinous rice. It is a popular food in some areas of southern China. In ancient times, Ciba was a traditional festival sacrifice in southern China. It was first used by farmers to sacrifice cattle gods. As the saying goes, "in October Dynasty, Ciba Lu was burned", which refers to the sacrificial event. In some places, Ciba is made into a circle, large and small, symbolizing harvest, celebration and reunion. Some places are also called New Year cakes, which also means good luck. People often say: "New Year cakes, New Year cakes, rich and long life".

2020年小雪是农历几月初几 庚子年十月八号

2. Before and after digging soup and light snow, Tujia people began the annual folk activity of "killing new year pigs and welcoming the new year", which added a warm atmosphere to the cold winter. Eating "gouging soup" is the custom of Tujia nationality; In the folk custom activity of "killing new year pigs and welcoming the new year", the delicacy carefully cooked with hot fresh pork is called "Goutang", which is very suitable for health preservation in winter.


3. There is a folk custom of "curing in winter, salting in the wind and storing to resist winter". After light snow, the temperature drops sharply and the weather becomes dry. It is a good time to process bacon. After the light snow solar term, some farmers began to make sausages and bacon, store the excess meat in traditional ways, and enjoy delicious food at the Spring Festival. Many places have the custom of eating bacon in winter, especially in southern cities.

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