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What does it mean that everything loses its vitality and heaven and earth block into cold winter

DailyBird Culture 2021-10-09 1 0

light snow is the 20th solar term in China's traditional 24 solar terms, and it is also the second solar term in winter. People are not so clear about the three seasons of light snow. What does it mean that the three seasons of light snow are blocked into winter? Let's get to know each other together!


what does light snow mean when it is blocked in three seasons? This should be related to the lack of yin and Yang in the previous season. Because Yin and yang are blocked in this season, everything is blocked and lifeless. Such a scene is the scene of winter, just like everything entering hibernation. How to prevent


light snow 1. In the light snow season of daily life and health preservation, the sky is overcast, the cold is not deep and the snow is not heavy, so it is called light snow. Moist air will improve respiratory diseases. However, there will be cooling weather after snow. Keep warm to prevent the occurrence of colds.


2. In the light snow solar term of emotional health preservation, the weather is often cold and dark. At this time, people's mood will also be affected, especially prone to depression. The occurrence of depression is mostly caused by the internal cause, that is, the seven emotions, including the changes of seven emotions: joy, anger, worry, thought, sadness, fear and shock. From the perspective of traditional Chinese and Western medicine, in order to avoid the adverse factors brought to depressed friends in winter, we should pay attention to the cultivation of spirit in this solar term.

3. Exercise regimen is mainly mild aerobic exercise. Warm tip: as the snow begins to cool down, pay attention in the process of conditioning.

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