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What time is the heavy snow in 2020? 23:59 on December 6 of the Gregorian calendar

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heavy snow is the 22nd of China's traditional 24 solar terms, and people are also very concerned about the time of heavy snow. What's the time of heavy snow in 2020? What is the blessing of the snow solar term? Let's get to know each other together!

2020年大雪几月几日几点几分 公历12月6日23点59分

what time is the heavy snow in 2020: at 23:59 on Monday, December 7, 2020, the "heavy snow" indicates that the snow begins to fall at this time. The winter climate in Sichuan Basin is mild with little rain and snow. The average temperature is about 2 ℃ to 4 ℃ higher than that in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, and the rainfall accounts for only about 5% of the whole year. Occasional snowfall, mostly in January and February; The area of snow is hard to see once in three or five years. If you can see the snow covered land, green trees covered with silver jade, it is often an unforgettable fun for life. "Auspicious snow heralds a good year" is a widely circulated agricultural proverb in China. In the north, a thick and loose layer of snow is like a quilt for wheat to keep out the cold. Snow contains four times more nitrogen compounds than rain. The snow melts slowly and seeps into the soil, which can increase the nitrogen in the soil and is easy to be absorbed and utilized by crops. The low temperature of snow water can freeze to death the overwintering pests in the surface layer, and also bring benefits to agricultural production. However, in the south, if there is more heat loss on the ground every sunny night after snow, there will be freezing injury, causing certain losses to peas, peas and other crops. The average temperature in the basin of our province is still between 8 ℃ and 9 ℃, and wheat and rape can still grow slowly. It is necessary to strengthen field management and prevent freezing injury. During the heavy snow, the precipitation in the basin is mostly less than 15mm, and less than 5mm in the west of the basin, which is the "dry winter" period. At this time, the basin climate is also foggy. Generally, December is the month with the most foggy days. Fog usually occurs in the morning when there is no or little cloud at night. Meteorology calls it radiation fog. As the saying goes, "ten fog and nine sunshine". Most of the fog dissipates before noon, and the afternoon sun will be particularly warm.

2020年大雪几月几日几点几分 公历12月6日23点59分

beautiful and intimate blessings of the heavy snow solar term 1. Love in the snow, love in the snow, I send a message of the heavy snow solar term: May friends worry about "Snow" in winter, happy "Snow" flow into a river, smile "Snow" endless, and happy winter! 2. The snow is flying, and the blessings are like flakes of snow. The words are true feelings, and every sentence warms the heart. I wish my good friends a warm mood, a beautiful life, a happy and happy life every day. 3. The snow is flying, the new year is coming, the ice and snow is greeting, the snow is good luck, the snow is white, the happy event is coming, the romantic love is coming, the snow is falling, the God of wealth is coming, and the ice and snow is smart! 4. Heavy snow falls and cold wind roars. In this cold season, may my blessing go through the wind and snow, melt the solid ice and build a warm nest for you. Happy snow season. 5. It's snowy. I'll give you a coat. Make the fabric with sincerity, take love as the line, embroider blessings on the inner layer, use warm cotton on the interlayer, and finally fasten the care button to take good care of yourself in cold weather.

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