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The heavy snow in 2020 is on October 22, the first day of the lunar month

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is an important solar term in China, and the weather has changed a lot during heavy snow, and the temperature difference between day and night is also large. What day is the first day of the lunar calendar in 2020? Let's get to know each other together!

2020年大雪是农历几月初几 十月二十二号

the heavy snow in 2020 is the first day of the lunar month: Monday, December 7, 2020, October 23 of the lunar calendar. As the name suggests, the snow is heavy. The ancients said, "the big one is prosperous, and the snow is prosperous at this point.". At this time, the snow often falls in a large and wide range, so it is called heavy snow. According to the collection and interpretation of the seventy-two princes of the lunar calendar, "on November day, the big one is prosperous, and so is the snow." (November here refers to the lunar calendar), which is the ancient interpretation of heavy snow. The heavy snow solar term often comes around December 7. At this time, there is gradually snow in the Yellow River Basin of China, and the charming landscape of thousands of miles of snow in the north. At this time, the lowest temperature in most parts of China dropped to 0 ℃ or below. Heavy snow or even Blizzard often falls in areas where cold and warm air meet in front of strong cold air. It can be seen that the heavy snow solar term indicates the starting time and degree of heavy snow in this period. Like light snow, rain, grain rain and other solar terms, it is a solar term that directly reflects precipitation.

2020年大雪是农历几月初几 十月二十二号

the climate performance of the heavy snow solar term. In the heavy snow season, except for the winter free areas in South China and southern Yunnan, China's vast land has been covered with winter costumes. The average temperature in Northeast and Northwest China has dropped to - 10 ℃, and the temperature in the Yellow River Basin and North China has also stabilized below 0 ℃. In normal climate years, snow has appeared in the Yellow River Basin and the north area. After the heavy snow, the south of the Yangtze River enters the midwinter season, the temperature decreases significantly, and freezing often occurs. The true portrayal of this time is "no leakage of basket water after the heavy snow winter solstice", but it is not always the case in some years. The temperature is high, there is no freezing phenomenon, often resulting in more rain and water in the later stage.

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