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What does it mean to have litchi tingsheng in three seasons of heavy snow? A kind of orchid pulls out new buds

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heavy snow solar term is the solar term in winter in China. People also pay more attention to the change of temperature and keep warm during heavy snow. What does it mean to have litchi in three seasons of heavy snow? What are the precautions of heavy snow solar term? Let's get to know each other together! What does


mean when Liting comes out during the three seasons of heavy snow: "Liting" is a kind of orchid. It also feels the sprouting of Yang Qi and draws out new buds. Yan Family Instructions believes that Liting is not the name of grass, but litchi is the name of grass. In Materia Medica, Li is called Li. The word Li has the meaning of ladle and shell, but the specific image of grass is unpredictable. "Those who preach etiquette think that purslane is edible. Purslane is also known as dolphin ear and commonly known as purslane". This seems to say that litchi is purslane. Zheng Kangcheng, Cai Yong and Gao Yi believed that litchi was a horse Allium macrostemon. Horse Allium macrostemon, also known as litchi fruit, iris seed, neem seed, dry cattail, pig head, etc., also has a common name: iron broom. "Shuowen" says: litchi is like a cattail and small, and the root can be used as a brush. Is this litchi a broom seedling? But in Kaifeng, broom seedlings were sown only in early April. Can open to its slender tender leaves, mostly in summer. Others believe that it makes sense that litchi is vanilla or Lingling fragrance, even orchid. There is a kind of Magnolia, which is named because of the cold and fragrance of Ling frost. Precautions for


heavy snow: prevent cold and keep warm, protect head, warm chest and healthy feet. It is Yin in winter, so it is very necessary to "remove cold and warm" in winter to prevent cold invasion. In the cold snow solar term, we should first increase or decrease clothes appropriately according to the climate change; Wearing a hat, a scarf and a pair of warm shoes are the best choice for cold protection. Secondly, patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, arthritis and digestive system diseases should pay more attention to cold prevention and warmth, and wear a little coat when going out. When you feel unwell, you should take the initiative to the hospital for examination. But don't be too warm, especially avoid thick clothes and heavy fur, get drunk to the fire, bake your abdomen and back, and sweat violently.


drink more anti dryness snow solar terms, and the indoor climate is dry. Although the amount of perspiration and urination is reduced in winter, the cells of brain and body organs still need water nourishment to ensure normal metabolism. The reduction of fresh vegetables will cause vitamin B deficiency and induce angular stomatitis.


ventilation, early sleep, indoor air pollution in winter is dozens of times more serious than outdoor air pollution. Therefore, while maintaining the normal indoor temperature, attention should be paid to opening doors and windows for ventilation, so as to clean indoor air pollution, strengthen the brain and refresh the mind; In winter, the days are short and the nights are long, especially at night. Go to bed early to nourish Yang Qi and get up late to consolidate Yin essence. Therefore, we should insist on lying early and getting up late, don't stay up late, don't get up early and practice in the morning, "you must stay in the sun".

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