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What does it mean that the tiger will start courtship when it snows

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heavy snow is one of China's traditional 24 solar terms, and the heavy snow has formed many things with the passage of time. What does it mean to wait for the tiger to start to pay? What is the happy blessing of the snow solar term? Let's get to know each other together!

大雪二候虎始交是什么意思 老虎会卡开始求偶

what does it mean when the tiger begins to pay in the second season of heavy snow? Heavy snow solar term is the peak period of Yin Qi. As the saying goes, Yang Qi has sprouted, tigers began to courtship, and litchi began to sprout new buds. "The mid winter moon tiger begins to pay". According to the ancients, the tiger is a Yin thing. "It is said that it can avoid evil spirits. Now it feels a little Yang and benefits a lot, so it makes friends with each other.". Tigers mate in mid winter and November. They are born in July of the lunar calendar and are eight months pregnant. The ancients believed that "the tiger hand in and the Moon Halo". The lunar halo is that when light passes through the high-altitude cirrus cloud, it is refracted by ice crystals, so that the seven color composite light is dispersed into an internal infrared purple halo or light arc, which generates an aperture around the moon. "The moon faints and the wind, the foundation moistens and the rain", "clouds from the dragon, the wind from the tiger", is this brought by the tiger's majesty? In comparison, the lunar halo is worth appreciating. In ancient times, the lunar halo was called Mao moon. "Looking from a distance, it makes people feel like a dream and confused. The halo floats and reveals a mysterious meaning, and everything seems to become better". It is really a beautiful image.

大雪二候虎始交是什么意思 老虎会卡开始求偶

happy blessing of snow solar term 1. In heavy snow season, everything is hidden. Daily care, early sleep and early rise. Astringent air, not affected by winter dryness. The temperature difference is wide, so exercise properly. Strong wind and fog, please don't go out. Diet and recuperation, drink more hot soup. I wish you good health. 2. Snowflakes fall into the palm of my hand, melt my thoughts and release my warmth. Snowflakes fall into the earth, store concerns and interpret purity. Snow solar terms, snowflakes turn into my blessings. I wish you happiness and happiness. 3. The cold wind passes over the water, arousing layers of sparkling waves; The sun passes through the clouds, leaving a trace of warmth; The heavy snow floats in the wind, sweeping away all kinds of worries; Text messages are sent from your fingertips to convey deep wishes: May you be happy and worry free when the snow season arrives! 4. When heavy snow comes, there are ways to keep healthy. Stir fry bean sprouts, detoxification, spinach soup, nourishing yin and moistening dryness, calming the mind and helping sleep, falling in love with bananas, apples and grapes, driving away depression, mutton red jujube, unique in keeping out the cold, tremella Lily, like spring peach, care, I wish you an

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