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What is the flower letter of the heavy snow solar term in 2020, Bauhinia

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heavy snow is a traditional solar term in China, and there is also a representative solar term flower letter during heavy snow. What is the solar term flower letter of heavy snow in 2020? What should we pay attention to in heavy snow? Let's get to know each other together!

2020年大雪节气花信是什么 紫荆花

what is the flower letter of the heavy snow solar term in 2020? The flower letter of the heavy snow solar term is Bauhinia. Evergreen trees, 6-10m high. The leaves are leathery, round or broad heart-shaped, 10-13 cm long, slightly wider than long, the top is bifid, like a sheep's hoof, the lobes are about 1 / 3 of the total length, and the ends of the lobes are round and blunt. Racemes or sometimes branched and paniculate; Red or red purple; Flowers as large as palm, 10-12 cm; Petals 5, of which 4 are arranged on both sides, opposite each other, while the other is tilted above, like an orchid; The fragrance of flowers is similar to that of orchids, so it is also called "orchid tree". The flowering period is from November to April of the next year. The flowers are as big as a palm and slightly fragrant. The five petals are evenly arranged in whorls, red or pink, very beautiful.

what should we pay attention to in the heavy snow? 1. Pay attention to the comfort of shoes. Shoes should be of appropriate size in order to have a better warm keeping effect.

2. Go out to exercise properly. Avoid long-term indoor exercise. Long term indoor exercise not only does not have enough air freshness, but also weakens the exercise of human function. We should pay attention to physical exercise, such as walking, jogging and Taijiquan, so as to nourish muscles and bones, relax muscles and activate collaterals, unblock blood vessels and enhance our own resistance.


3. Do not sleep with doors and windows closed for a long time. In winter, open windows several times a day to facilitate air circulation. Sleeping with doors and windows closed for a long time is prone to nasal congestion, dry mouth, headache, decreased immune function, etc., and the temperature of air conditioning in winter should be appropriate and not too high.

4. Don't lick your lips too much. Lick your dry and cracked lips with your tongue. As a result, the more you lick, the more dry and cracked. This bad habit will make the lips more dry, and even cause dry cracks and bleeding, causing infection and suppuration.

5. Pay attention to the regularity of work and rest time. Good sleep can supplement energy and restore energy, and has the effect of "nourishing yin and nourishing yuan". In order to adapt to "winter storage", sleep time should be appropriately increased at this time. Advocate going to bed early and sleeping more appropriately, so as to achieve the purpose of energy conservation.

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