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It's snowy and sunny. What does spring snow mean? It's a traditional food suitable for eating

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heavy snow is a traditional 24 solar terms in China, and heavy snow has also formed many cultures, including folk proverbs, ancient poems and so on. What does it mean to have more snow on sunny days and more snow in the beginning of spring? What is the traditional food suitable for heavy snow? Let's get to know each other together!

大雪晴天多立春雪多是什么意思 适合吃的传统食物

what does it mean to have more snow on sunny days and more snow in spring? The weather of each year can be predicted through the weather conditions of the day of the heavy snow solar term. This agricultural proverb means that if the day of the heavy snow solar term is a sunny day, it will still be cold at the beginning of spring the next year, and there will be rain and snow weather. Farmers' friends need to make preparations for "falling cold in spring" in advance. In Hebei Province, there is also the agricultural proverb of "heavy snow is not cold and next year is dry", which predicts the amount of rain in the coming year through the temperature of that day.


the traditional food suitable for eating in heavy snow is sweet potato porridge. There is a saying among the people in northern Shandong that "when you go to the door, you just drink red sticky porridge", which means that you don't come to the door anymore in cold weather, but only drink warm sweet potato porridge at home. Sweet potato porridge is sweet and delicious. It can strengthen the spleen and stomach. It is also a good weight loss food.


eat turnip balls. Turnip balls processed from turnips have been popular in the south of the old city for many years. At that time, radish balls made of radish were sold in the vegetable market or on the street. This is a very special delicious snack. People in the south of the old city have the habit of eating snacks in the afternoon. Sitting in front of the stall, the stall owner scoops out several balls in boiling water, puts them in a bowl and sprinkles some garlic flowers. It's really fragrant and delicious. Now, although there are many kinds of snacks and fast food, the charm of Jinling snacks is still there, and the radish dumplings with authentic local flavor will certainly give off an intoxicating fragrance again.

大雪晴天多立春雪多是什么意思 适合吃的传统食物

mixed with sugar "sugar customers, take it slowly, and small interest children follow a large class." every time before and after the "heavy snow" solar term, there will be a scene of "mixed with sugar" in the streets of Wenzhou. The whole page of maltose made by maltose workshops in various places is provided to small traders who carry the burden of walking through the streets, commonly known as "sugar customers". "Sugar customer" beat the sugar knife and shouted to sell sugar. Children are often attracted, and parents exchange copper waste, copper coins and copper plates with "sugar customers" for caramel. Because eating maltose in winter has the benefits of nourishing the body, now this "mixing sugar" has also developed into a commercial mode of operation.

mutton "tonic in winter and fighting tigers in spring". The heavy snow reminds people to start tonic. The role of tonic is to improve the immune function of the human body, promote metabolism, improve the fear of cold and spend the winter healthily. Old Nanjing snow tonic, like to eat mutton, expel cold and nourish, replenish qi and deficiency, promote blood circulation and enhance cold resistance. Mutton can also increase digestive enzymes to help digestion. Experts suggest that mutton tonic in winter can be "mixed" with yam and medlar to enrich nutrition.

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