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What time is the winter solstice in 2020? 17:55 on December 21 of the Gregorian calendar

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winter solstice is an important festival in China, but it is also the 22nd of the 24 solar terms in China. It is cold at the winter solstice, but people will still pay attention to the time of the winter solstice. What about the month, day and hour of the 2020 winter solstice? Let's get to know each other together!

2020年冬至几月几日几点几分 公历12月21日17点55分

what time is the winter solstice in 2020: Monday, December 21, 2020, the seventh day of the lunar winter month, and the winter solstice at 17:55, which is the 22nd of the "24 solar terms". "Twenty four solar terms" and "December construction" are the basic contents of the Ganzhi calendar. The "twenty four solar terms" were originally determined by the rotation direction of the handle of the Big Dipper seven stars, and the Big Dipper seven stars rotate in a circular manner, which is closely related to the twenty-four solar terms. In different seasons and at different times, the Big Dipper seven stars point to different directions, which has become the basis for people to judge the changes of seasonal solar terms in ancient times, that is, the so-called astrological law of "dipper handle refers to the East, all spring in the world; dipper handle guide, all summer in the world; dipper handle refers to the west, all autumn in the world; dipper handle refers to the north, all winter in the world". In traditional culture, the time and location of the main and branch branches and the eight trigrams are linked. Yin position is the "root position" of the acquired eight trigrams and the position of the end of the year and the beginning of the year, representing the end and the beginning. For example, in the biography of Yi Shuogua, "gen, the trigram in the northeast, is the beginning and the end of everything." the bucket handle starts from the due east by North (Yin position, the acquired Eight Trigram root position), A clockwise rotation is a cycle, which is called one year old (photo mention), and the beginning of spring is the beginning of the year. When the bucket handle points to the "sub" position due north, it is the winter solstice solar term.

2020年冬至几月几日几点几分 公历12月21日17点55分

winter solstice health care acupuncture points can be maintained by moxibusting Shenque point with moxa sticks in four days before and after the winter solstice, plus nine days on the day of the winter solstice. Shenque point is the foundation of the five zang organs and six Fu organs. It is the place where the Ren pulse and Chong pulse circulate, the root of the source of vitality, and an important point connecting the innate and acquired human body. Moxibustion at Shenque point can replenish qi and Yang, warm the kidney and spleen, dispel wind and dehumidification, warm yang and save adversity, warm and dredge meridians, reconcile Qi and blood, which is very good for the body, and even make people less sick the next year.


should be avoided in daily life. The winter solstice is the most important solar term in health preservation, mainly because "the winter solstice is born with Yang". Winter solstice to mild and severe cold is the coldest season. People suffering from heart and hypertension tend to get worse, more people suffering from "stroke", and cold weather is also easy to frostbite.

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