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What is the meaning of moose horn solution in the second season of the winter solstice? Mi horn was solved by later generations for Yin and Yang Qi

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in China is the winter solstice on December 21 or 22 every year. During the winter solstice, people wear heavy coats and pay attention to keeping warm. What does elk horn solution mean during the second winter solstice? What is the blessing of winter solstice? Let's get to know you together with the old yellow calendar!


what does elk horn solution mean in the second season of the winter solstice? Elk and deer belong to the same family, but their yin and yang are different. The ancients thought that elk horns were later born, so they were Yin, while in the first season of the winter solstice, elk felt Yin Qi receding and solved horns.

winter solstice warm blessing 1. When winter comes, pay attention to keep warm and prevent colds: eat well, drink well, and match the diet structure well; Wash hands frequently, take a bath frequently, and pay attention to hygiene; Move more, run more, exercise better. Text message, I wish you good health! 2. A short message sends out blessings, contains care, hides deep affection and reveals care. When winter comes, it's cold. Pay attention to keep warm and beware of catching a cold. May you be happy every day. 3. It is cold in winter and the temperature is low. Cold resistant food is given to you: vegetables and potatoes, meat, cattle, sheep and chicken, onion and ginger, and black tea. Keep in mind that I wish you a warm winter! 4. Rome wasn't built in a day. Friends didn't come overnight. The cold winter is coming, and friends' blessings are coming. May our friendship last forever and warm Kyushu. 5. When winter comes, the wind blows and the leaves fly, don't be gray; The weather has changed, the air is cold and the temperature is low. Don't make your body empty; Remind me, the feelings are real, the friendship is deep, and the information should be remembered to reply. good morning!


6. In cold winter, health preservation should be selected and balanced; Drink to check, warm and nourishing; The body has some practice, should not be excessive; Nourish the skin and take good care of it; Laugh and have fun, happy life! 7. The cold wind blows and cools down. The cold winter comes quietly. You and I are thousands of miles apart. Don't forget to send SMS greetings. Look at you from afar. It's cold and clothes. 8. A greeting, a text message, a hug, a look, a scarf, warm each other with your little hands; Please remember, it's cold. Add more clothes. Don't catch a cold! If you accidentally sneeze, please remember that I must be thinking of you! 9. The wind is really strong, but it can't blow away. I miss your heart. It's naive and cold, but it can't freeze my blessing to you. This winter, we will be very happy, add more clothes and get less sick. I remember that our friends have never left. 10. Mount Tai is not built with stones, the north wind is not blown by mouth, and the cold resistance can not be refined immediately. It is necessary to wear cotton padded clothes in winter. It is not cost-effective to be frozen in order to be more beautiful and handsome. It's cold. Wear warm clothes.

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