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What does it mean that water springs move during the winter solstice? Springs in the mountains can flow and warm

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has a solar term which is very important in winter, that is, the winter solstice. In some areas, sacrificial activities will also be carried out during the winter solstice. What does the water spring movement in the three seasons of the winter solstice mean? What is the winter solstice greeting? Let's analyze our old calendar together with you!

冬至三候水泉动是什么意思 山中泉可流动且温热

what does spring movement mean in the three seasons of the winter solstice? Yang Qi is born, so the spring in the mountain can flow and warm at this time.

winter solstice greetings 1. This is the end of winter and the beginning of spring. Although you are there and I am here, I still remember you in my heart. At this cold juncture, may my blessing warm your hand and reach your heart. Happy winter solstice! 2. When the winter solstice comes, I'll send you dumplings: my own good luck skin, my own healthy stuffing, my own happiness pleats, and cook them with the pure water without pollution and the burning blessing flame in my heart. I wish you all the best after eating dumplings! 3. Winter is a good day. Some people get rich, some get fat, and some send wedding invitations. I'll send delicious food. Please taste it: the dumplings in the winter solstice taste fresh. If you eat them, your ears are not afraid of cold; Christmas Eve apple is the sweetest, romantic love lingering; Christmas turkey fragrance is far away, happiness and auspiciousness are in front of us; The delicious food on New Year's Day is endless, and good luck comes and goes. I wish you happiness in pairs and happiness!

冬至三候水泉动是什么意思 山中泉可流动且温热

4. Eat dumplings, have a good life, look at text messages, have fun, keep warm and exercise, pay attention to your body, the weather is cold, take steps, eat a balanced diet, take care of your stomach, laugh often, earn more money, be broad-minded in case of trouble, don't make trouble, send blessings and be happy all your life. I wish you a happy winter solstice and everything you want can come true! 5. Cover the quilt when it's cold, fill in the stomach when you're hungry, have some fun when you're busy, and take good care of your body when you're tired. Smile is the most beautiful look, and happiness is the best day. I wish my friends a happy life at the winter solstice!

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