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What are the three seasons of Xiaohan? The magpie in Yanbei Township begins to nest and the pheasant begins to Robin

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small cold is one of the solar terms in China. When it is small cold, people will also pay attention to the problem of keeping warm and the change of temperature in the morning and evening. What are the three seasons of small cold? Will Xiaohan be cold? Let our old yellow calendar analyze and understand together with you!


, 小寒三候分别是什么 雁北乡 鹊始巢 雉始鸲,


what are the three seasons of Xiaohan: Yanbei Township literally means that geese return to their hometown in the north. The north here is not the north of China, but its original hometown Sibley. Generally, geese fly to the south in autumn and winter. Because it is cold in Siberia, there is no food and it is not conducive to reproduction, so they fly to warmer places in the south.


: magpies begin to nest. Magpies are magpies, which are widely distributed in China. Magpies have an obvious response to the regular changes of solar terms. Before and after the slight cold every winter, the weather is cold and the north wind blows more, but at this time, the Yang Qi has moved. Magpies instinctively face the nest door built on the tree towards the south to the sunny side. Therefore, in ancient times, the response of magpies to the regular changes of natural climate was summarized as "magpies begin to nest".


: pheasant "pheasant", commonly known as "pheasant" and "pheasant" The male pheasant has gorgeous feathers and an obvious white ring pattern under its neck; the female pheasant has a small body and short tail hair. In ancient times, in social life practice, it was found that pheasants felt the sprouting of Yang Qi every year when they came to the light cold solar term, so that both males and females chirped together. Therefore, in ancient times, people summarized the pheasant's response to the regular changes of solar terms as "pheasant robin"“ Kdspe ""

"" 小寒三候分别是什么 雁北乡 鹊始巢 雉始鸲 ""


"will the mild cold be very cold: Yes, the mild cold solar term is the 23rd of the twenty-four solar terms and the fifth solar term in winter. Literally, the mild cold is when the weather turns cold, but it is not very cold yet, but from the meteorological point of view, the mild cold solar term is colder than the severe cold solar term. In rural areas, there is" cold in three nine and heat in three volts " Because the March ninth festival is after the solar term of light cold, the weather will be very cold after the light cold.

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