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What does Xiao Han Er Hou magpie start nesting mean? Magpies feel Yang and start nesting

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from the winter solstice to the solar term of light cold, the weather is getting colder and colder, and among the people, the time of light cold is the coldest time of the year. What does it mean that the magpie begins to nest at the second time of light cold? What is the strategy of keeping in good health in cold weather? Let's understand and analyze the old yellow calendar with you!

小寒二候鹊始巢是什么意思 喜鹊感觉到阳气而开始筑巢

what is the meaning of "magpie" at the beginning of the nest? Magpie is magpie, a widely distributed resident bird in China. Magpies have an obvious response to the regular changes of solar terms. Before and after the slight cold every winter, the weather is cold and the north wind blows more, but at this time, the Yang Qi has moved. Magpies instinctively face the nest door built on the tree towards the south to the sunny side. Therefore, in ancient times, the response of magpies to the regular changes of natural climate was summarized as "magpies begin to nest".

Xiaohan health strategy 1. Keep warm in daily life. Xiaohan is one of the coldest 24 solar terms in a year. At this time, you must pay attention to keeping warm in daily life. "Traditional Chinese medicine believes that 'cold stagnation, cold retraction', and cold weather is prone to joint pain, cervical spondylosis and even cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases." keeping warm is the first priority, especially for shoulder, neck, feet and other parts that are easy to catch cold. For the elderly, we should pay attention to ventilation while keeping warm to closely prevent the occurrence of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

2. Exercise properly. The folk proverb says: "if you move in winter, you will make less illness; if you are lazy in winter, you will drink more medicine." this shows the importance of exercise in winter. In this dry and cold day, we should do more outdoor sports, such as jogging, rope skipping, shuttlecock kicking, etc.

小寒二候鹊始巢是什么意思 喜鹊感觉到阳气而开始筑巢

3. Diet tonifying the kidney is a little cold, and the weather is cold. Tonic should mainly tonify the kidney and expel the cold.

4. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that "blood coagulates when it meets cold", so it is very important to keep healthy and do a good job in expelling cold.

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