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What does the little cold pheasant start to Robin mean? Pheasants sing when they feel the growth of Yang

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The most obvious manifestation of

in winter is the cold weather, and one of the solar terms in winter is the solar term of Xiaohan. What does it mean that the pheasant starts to start to Robin in three seasons of Xiaohan? What should Xiaohan pay attention to? Let's get to know the old yellow calendar with you!

小寒三候雉始鸲是什么意思 雉感受到阳气的生长而鸣叫

what is the meaning of "pheasant", commonly known as "pheasant", "pheasant" and so on The male pheasant has gorgeous feathers and an obvious white ring pattern under its neck; the female pheasant has a small body and short tail hair. In ancient times, in social life practice, it was found that pheasants felt the sprouting of Yang Qi every year when they came to the light cold solar term, so that both males and females chirped together. Therefore, in ancient times, people summarized the pheasant's response to the regular changes of solar terms as "pheasant robin"“ Kdspe ""

"what should be paid attention to in the diet for health preservation in the light of cold? 1. Food should be warm. In winter, it is a good time to eat isothermal hot products of mutton and chicken, especially for people with Yang deficiency constitution: Duck and goose are better for those with Yin deficiency. Do not eat sticky, hard and cold food."


"2. Food should be miscellaneous. That is, the food should be diversified, with fine and coarse collocation, and eat both meat and vegetables. In winter, people tend to prefer foods with high protein, high fat and high sugar, and do not eat or eat less coarse grains, vegetables, melons and fruits. This not only makes people suffer from iron deficiency anemia, vitamin deficiency, constipation, angular stomatitis, gum bleeding and other diseases.

3. Food should be bitter. At this time, the diet should reduce saltiness and increase bitterness. Bitter food can help heart Yang, reduce excessive kidney water and nourish the kidney.

小寒三候雉始鸲是什么意思 雉感受到阳气的生长而鸣叫

the solar terms and agricultural proverbs of small cold and great cold freeze into a ball. Little cold, big cold, ready for the new year. The cold is in March and September, and the heat is in the middle. La Qi La Ba, go out and freeze. La Qi La Ba, frozen duck. La Qi La Ba, frozen feet. Three nine, four nine, freeze broken mortar. Three nine, four nine, walk on the ice. There is heavy snow every year, not in September, but in September,

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