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What is Narcissus in 2020

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Xiaohan solar term is the penultimate solar term in winter and the 23rd solar term among the 24 solar terms, and Xiaohan solar term also has its own flower letter representative. What is the flower letter of Xiaohan solar term in 2020? Let's understand and analyze the old yellow calendar together with you!

2020年小寒节气花信是什么 水仙

what is the flower letter of Xiaohan solar term in 2020? The flower letter of Xiaohan solar term in 2020 is Narcissus. Narcissus tazetta L. var. China Roem: also known as Chinese Narcissus, it is a variety of multi flower Narcissus. It is a perennial herb of Lycoris family. The leaves of Narcissus are extracted from the green and white tubular sheath at the top of the bulb, and the flower stem (commonly known as arrow) is extracted from the leaves. Generally, each bulb can draw 1 ~ 2 flower stems, most of which can reach 8 ~ 11, with umbels. Most of the petals are 6, and the end of the petals is goose yellow. There is a bowl like protective cover outside the stamen. The bulb is ovoid to broadly ovoid spherical, covered with Tan membrane. The leaves are narrow and banded, and the capsule loculicidal dehiscence. Flowering is spring.

Xiao Han's warm reminder blessing 1. The clouds are gray and black, and the sky is hazy. The heat faded and the weather cooled. The earth turns white and love is purer. Thinking of and thinking of you never stops. Add clothes and quilt, exercise is indispensable. Nourishing and energetic. Xiaohan solar term, I wish you health! 2. When the light cold arrives after new year's day, SMS care and blessing float. Warm keeping measures should be done well. Sweaters and scarves must be indispensable. Physical exercise must be done and healthy diet must be ensured. I wish you a good mood!

2020年小寒节气花信是什么 水仙

3. When the mild cold solar term comes, the weather suddenly becomes cold. To prevent cold and disease, we should grasp both hands and be hard. We should eat warm and hot food, defend against cold climate, strengthen exercise and have good physical quality. 4. Wear more clothes on cold days and changing weather. Invisible wind, thousands of beautiful you, don't let the cold wind close to you; Kind you, tender you, dress yourself up in this sudden changing weather! Xiaohan solar term, I wish you happiness! 5. The weather is so cold, but I am so enthusiastic; Snowflakes are falling, but my enthusiasm is so high; The cold wind is so cold, but my blessing is so warm. Melt your cold with my passion, burn your cold with my passion, and set off a warm fortress for you with my wishes. I wish Xiaohan a warm day.

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