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What time is the severe cold in 2021? 4:36 on January 20

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severe cold is the last solar term of the 24 solar terms in China, and the most obvious feature of the severe cold solar terms is cold. What is the month, day and hour of the severe cold in 2021? What is the blessing of the great cold solar term? Let's understand and analyze the old yellow calendar together!

2021年大寒几月几日几点几分 1月20日4点36分

what is the time of the great cold in 2021: on Wednesday, January 20, 2021, the great cold on the eighth day of the twelfth lunar month is the last of the 24 solar terms. Before and after January 20 of the Gregorian calendar every year, when the sun reaches 300 ° of the Yellow meridian, it is "great cold", which is in the period of March 9 and April 9. At this time, the cold wave goes south frequently, It is a cold period in most parts of China. Great cold means that the weather is extremely cold. "General examination of time service · Tianshi" quoted from the three rites and righteousness sect: "the cold is the middle, which is shaped in the light cold, so it is called great... The reverse pole of the cold is called great cold." at this time, the cold wave moves south frequently, which is a cold period in most parts of China in a year, with strong wind and low temperature. The great cold is the last of China's 24 solar terms. After the great cold, spring begins again, that is, ushering in the solar term cycle of the new year. As the saying goes, "flowers and trees govern the season, and birds sing to report the agricultural season." flowers, trees, birds, animals and birds all move according to the season, so their regular actions are regarded as an important symbol to distinguish seasonal solar terms. The "method of calming Qi" divides the solar terms and divides the great cold into three periods: "one is chicken milk; the second is bird disease; the third is water and strong abdomen." the third period can especially show that the temperature of the great cold is very low: at this time, the ice in the water can be frozen to the center of the water, thick and solid. In addition, the flower and trade climate in the great cold is "one for Daphne odora, two for orchids and three for alum (born in the area of Jiangnan)". It can also be used as an important sign to judge the severe cold.

2021年大寒几月几日几点几分 1月20日4点36分

about the cold solar terms. 1. Today's cold is also the end of the twenty-four solar terms. It reminds you to keep warm, keep healthy and welcome the new year. 2. When the cold comes, I miss you very much. I don't eat every day and can't sleep at night. I hope to meet you day by day and accompany you night by night, so as to avoid cold and miserable, so as to solve the thirst of Acacia. However, there are no walls in your house. Before you have enough food and clothing, do you dare to ask if you are willing to lend your heated kang? 3. The severe cold reaches its peak and the days will get warmer in the future; Remember to add more clothes and health around you; Happy smile, easy to make money; Blessings continue to receive, always be able to smile; Good fortune will always spread, and the great cold and joy are boundless! 4. Use protein soybeans, high calcium milk, Runchang black beans, lipid-lowering mushrooms, spleen strengthening soybeans, tonifying black fungus, kidney warming dog meat, spleen strengthening perch; Boil it into a bowl of warm porridge to send to you on the great cold Festival. I wish you a strong body, constant warmth and beautiful lingering! 5. Make a wish on the cold day. May happiness grow tall in your heart, and happiness become a little fat in your heart. Good luck is like a bullfight. You are regarded as a red carpet every day. After receiving the text message, please remember: be happy every day and warm your heart in the cold season! 6. The cold wind is slowly blowing, not only the cold, but also my thoughts; Wintersweet blossoms, blooming not only fragrance, but also my care; Text messages, sent not only text, but also my blessing: happy winter! 7. When the cold comes quietly, it is easy to catch a cold. Be careful. Wash your face in hot water. Take a hot bath and compress your feet at night. It's good to often drink boiled water and scald a cup of hot milk. Always warm up well and have a strong body.

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