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What does it mean to be able to hatch chicks in the cold

DailyBird Culture 2021-10-09 1 0

when talking about the solar term of great cold, people will feel familiar with it, because this solar term is the last solar term of all solar terms in China. What does it mean to make chicken milk during the great cold? What are the best wishes of the circle of friends in the cold season? Let's get to know each other together!

大寒一候鸡使乳是什么意思 可以孵小鸡

what do you mean by "chicken milk" in the cold " It means that chickens begin to feed their offspring. Because hens need a certain amount of sunlight to lay eggs, they rarely lay eggs before the cold solar term. Hens' ovaries need the stimulation of ultraviolet light, and if the light is less, they will need less mineral elements such as vitamin D to lay eggs. Therefore, when the cold solar term begins, the light increases, and hens can lay eggs and reproduce 。

The solar term of the great cold is a good blessing for the circle of friends. 1. The cold wind blows, the snowflakes float, the wintersweet blossoms, bloom fragrance, text messages, send blessings: bless your friends, good luck in winter, good body, fighting frost in the wind, full of energy, happy in the great cold! 2. Have a smooth mood, strong body, work hard to make money, have many happy events, even good things, laugh and smile happily, too big Cold, another year, happy new year. The weather changes. Keep warm. Send sincere wishes. May you keep warm in the cold solar term!

大寒一候鸡使乳是什么意思 可以孵小鸡

3. When the cold comes, the snowflakes float, and the snowflakes send beauty. The auspicious year of snow is an auspicious omen, and the granary will be full in the coming year. The scenery is wrapped in snow, and the beauty is missed at present. The SMS sends friendship, and everything goes smoothly and smoothly. I wish you good health, health and happiness in the cold! 4. The sunshine in winter is my greeting to you, and the flying snowflakes are my blessing to you and the pride of snow Chimonanthus praecox sends me refreshing fragrance and sincerely sends a short message to express its lasting friendship. May you be healthy and healthy when the cold comes! 5. A wisp of cold wind sends cold, a reminder sends warmth, a touch of affection is in your heart, a care is in your mouth, and a trace of greeting warms your heart. When the cold comes, may you wear clothes to prevent the cold, travel carefully and be happy in the cold!

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